Gift Options for the Newly Married Couple- Attending Them After Marriage

Gift Options for the Newly Married Couple- Attending Them After Marriage

Posted on: November 22nd, 2016 11:57 AM

For two souls wedding is the special day. Who decide to live together for their entire life. But besides this, it is special for their loved ones and family. And guests who come to attend this special day makes this day more wonderful. They shower carries gifts to show their love towards the couple. In this wedding season, you are supposed to think of varies kinds of gifts for the couple. But after marriage, attending the newly married couple, it’s quite difficult to think of gifts that make their memories more wonderful. We list out some of the gifts that Indian couple likes the most.

Albums and Photo Frames- You can go ahead and give them an album or photo frame. And making special for them give them with their wedding photographs. You will be the special one for them who clicked a random picture of their wedding.

Bath Set- You can make any couple happy by giving them personalized towels or bathrobes. We know it’s quite cheesy but it is liked by the couple and is useful as well.

Handmade Soap Bars- You can also gift handmade soap bars to the couple with their names on it. You can order with the ingredient and oil that the couple prefers. This you can gift in a special basket with other spa products. Seeing this aroma of love couples will definitely be impressed with you.

Anniversary Journals- Just gift personalized journal to the couple from your side, this is the gift that the couple will cherish forever. They can write anything from the day of their marriage to the first anniversary. This helps to capture their memorable moments and about their journey of the first year after marriage.

Bed Linen- Gifting bed linen has gone out of fashion, but making it special and amazing you can give a romantic twist to this common gift. Simply add photographs and messages for the newly married couple. You can add a set of matching quilts and blankets too. How simply, this common gift becomes so special for the couple.

Candles- You can make the candles according to the couple's taste. You can mold the candle in digits of their wedding date or any beautiful message printed on it. The best part of the candle is you can easily make of your own and shows how you care for them.

A Small Chest of Drawer- A special and unique gift which will be useful for the couple in future is chest of drawer. These engraved chests of drawers will make them remember you always. And the engraved messages printed on it always remind them the special day.

A little effort from your side will show your love towards them. Buying a common gift from the market and simply wrapping them and giving is not a complete gift you are giving to your loved ones. To give a personal touch, just go for these options and steal their heart.


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