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Fitted vs Flat - All You Need to Know About The Ongoing Bedsheet Debate

Posted on: September 28th, 2021 12:01 PM

We tend to pay great attention to what we buy when it comes to clothing, and fashion accessories? Don’t we all? Ever wondered why? Well, to start with, our fashion choices represent our personality, our knowledge regarding the latest fashion trends, and of course our mood. The same goes for our bed sheets too. When was the last time you thought about the type of sheet that adorns your mattress? Not recently? Time to amend the same.

Statistics suggest that we spend approximately 33% of our life sleeping. Let’s break it down to daily figures. On a daily basis, we spend a minimum of 6 to 8 hours in bed to gain the freshness, energy, and vitality to navigate through our daily tasks. And, bedsheets, apart from a quality mattress, and other bed linen accessories, play a pivotal role in crafting our sleeping experience. In this blog, we have tried to capture interesting details (that we bet you might not have been privy to) on flat sheet vs fitted sheet.

What Are Flat and Fitted Bedsheets

Let’s start with the basics.

Flat sheets are otherwise popularly known as top sheets that lay on the top of the mattress. These sheets are usually rectangular in shape and can be tucked across the mattress perimeter manually.

Fitted bedsheets are otherwise referred to as bottom sheets that come with either fitted corners or elastic capabilities throughout the bedsheet. As the name suggests, these bedsheets hug the mattress in an apt manner. So, no more bedsheet rustles or untucked corners to give away the untidy bedroom vibes.

Now that we have learned about the difference between flat and fitted bedsheets, let’s explore more about their benefits and ideal usage scenarios.

Why Opt for Fitted Sheets?

Other than offering corner-hugging capabilities, fitted sheets are soft-to-touch, and come with great sustenance capabilities. Fitted sheets are available in a host of fabric choices, from cotton to cotton blend to silk, satin, and Tencel ones. So, no matter what the occasion warrants, you can garb your mattress aptly.

Quality mattresses are a prerequisite for a good night’s uninterrupted sleep. And, to ensure the same, mattresses need to be cared for. While flat sheets definitely offer a layer of protection, fitted sheets bring an extra layer of protection combined with softness, and comfort to the mattress. With fitted sheets aptly hugging the mattress, there are no chances of untucked corners or sheets being ruffled. This means even less time to make up your bed in the morning, especially for those who considered it a mundane, and boring chore.

And, contrary to popular belief, you won’t need to pay a visit to the dry cleaning shop to get your fitted bedsheets cleaned. A regular machine wash will be enough!

Why Opt for Flat Sheets?

Now, who does not love to layer their beds with multiple linen accessories such as sheets, bed covers, duvets, quilts, etc.? While layering definitely offers you an aura of sophistication, impeccable taste, and comfort, these layers need to be tended to. A flat sheet that can go on top of all these layers can save you the hassle of cleaning up everything. Just swap your top flat bed sheet and you are sorted.

Flat bed sheets come in an exquisite range of fabric, weave choices as well as patterns. You can opt to get a cotton bedsheet during summery weather and for a silk or satin one for chilling winters or for aesthetic purposes. The flat top sheet has the potential to make or break your bed’s aesthetic elegance. By just changing the top layer, you can achieve it all - style, sophistication and comfort.

Flat vs Fitted Bed Sheet - Which Is Right For You?

Well, when it comes to choosing bedsheets there is no thumb rule to adhere to. It absolutely depends on your personal preference, and the vibe you are eyeing to set up in your bedroom. While both flat and fitted sheets come with their set of pros, you will have to make the decision.

If you are still swaying between both the bed linen options, we have a quick tip for you. You can turn your flat sheets into fitted ones. Intrigued? Well, just get a flat sheet with extra space to spare across the mattress perimeter; tuck all the corners carefully, and you are ready to ace the fitted bed sheet look!

Caring for Your Bed Linen

The debate on flat sheet vs fitted sheet is never-ending. No matter which variant you are purchasing online to stack your bed linen closet, caring for them is absolutely essential. Here are some of the bed linen cleaning best practices you can benefit from.

Swap the sheets once every week or 10 days

Avoid snacking, or having your pets on your bed at night.

This will help prevent your bedsheets from being the breeding ground for dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens.

Opt for machine or hand wash with lukewarm water, and dry the sheets properly in sun to avoid any sort of bacterial or fungal development

Once sheets are clean and dry, put them away with care. Avoid musty places that are prone to bacterial growth.

Parting Thought

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