Fitted Bed Sheets – Ideal Bed Sheets That Hold Mattresses Firmly

Posted on: December 31st, 2020 11:42 AM

When it comes to bedcovers, each detail plays a huge role in getting you a comfortable sleep. There might be ample of reasons due to which you cannot sleep well at night. To understand the cause, you should be aware of the quality and size of your bedsheets. All bedclothes are not the same. But how would you know which is the best option? Learn about the fitted bed sheets and the benefits you would get while using proper size fitted bed sheets.

What are fitted bedcovers in brief?

Massive pieces of fabric that are fabricated for tightly fitting over mattresses are known as fitted bed sheets. The elastic strap, which is sewed into the fabric's stitching, ensures that a fitted bed sheet will not come off the bed, despite constant movement while you sleep. The elastic within the material enables the sheet to hold on to the corners of your bed. You can change sleeping positions and move about on the mattress for as long as you want, but the bed cover will stay in its place. 

What are the advantages of using proper sized fitted sheets?

Some of the primary advantages of picking fitted bed sheets:

·        Protection of the mattress

Fitted sheets are known for protecting the beds from damages and increasing their durability. They safeguard the mattresses from many stains like body fluids, liquids, foods, and slits. Now, you know that mattresses are the costliest part of the bed, and it must endure for at least a decade. So, it would help if you looked after it. And what protects a mattress more than the bedsheet?

·        Comfortable fitting creates a smooth surface for sleeping.

You must make sure that the fitted sheet is the size of your bed. Then you do not have to get worked up about your sheet shifting away from the corners of your bed. The tight-fitting makes sure that they are no wrinkles on the cover. Take proper measurements of your mattress from each edge before purchasing your bed cover. The goal is to get a smooth and flat sleeping surface. 

·        Easy to remove

Although your sheet will have a tight-fitting, you only need to take off one of the corners when you need to remove it. Since they are easy to remove, it will be very convenient for you to wash them. Most of us have faced the challenges of pulling mattress covers from quilts. When the sheet covers the entire mattress, it is exhausting to take it off due to the heavyweight. But for fitted covers, it is easy to launder at home, as long as you follow the instructions of cleaning them. 



Wrapping Up

The uniqueness of these fitted bed sheets is that these sheets have elasticated hems that ensure your bed sheets stay on the mattress. Even if you toss and turn in during sleep, the fitted sheet will have a smooth surface. Soft bedding is a pivotal requirement for having sound sleep and a proper size fitted bed sheet will truly make it much more comfortable. Fitted sheets will also slash downtime spent on making a bed because the elasticated edges of the sheet are folded under the mattress and this helps in staying in one place. The perfect fitted sheet is the one that holds your mattress tightly. And for this, you should make sure to buy a fitted bed sheet that best-fit your mattress.


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