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Everything about lightweight quilts for heavy winter: Kid’s Edition

Posted on: January 7th, 2022 12:05 PM

Does this chilly weather make you worry about your kid’s comfort? Clueless about which is the best quilt for heavy winter? The freezing cold of December makes us introduce baby quilts. This blog is a guide to everything about lightweight quilts for heavy winter: Kid’s Edition.
Infants, toddlers and young children have different sleeping patterns. As well as, their need for warmth is also different. We understand your requirements and preferences. Thus, we present to you our magnificent quilts online designed especially for kids.
Key features of our lightweight quilts for heavy winter: Kid’s Edition.

1. Comfortable and breathable quilts

Years of craftsmanship has taught us a lot about the essentials of quilting. The best quilts for heavy winter are comfortable and breathable. These super warm blankets are sewn with the softest organic fabric i.e. cotton. Having been made with cotton, this fabric is breathable. Thus, your child will not find it difficult to breathe through the coverlet. We curate blankets that feel soft on skin and are gentle to touch. This luxurious quilt is more than just a comfort. It is a legacy to pass onto coming generations. As the largest producers of baby blankets, we offer the finest quilts.

2. Uncompromised quality

When it comes to picking up things for babies, we cannot compromise on the quality. The baby skin is sensitive and prone to allergies. We must select a product that does not itch or feel coarse. Super soft touch Jaipur Razai for kids is an unmatched product. Since we bet on the quality, our quilts are so closely knit that the threads do not rip off easily. Along with this, the quilt structure remains the same even after several washes. In other words, we can say that this quilt is capable of withstanding several machine washes.  Above all, the colours applied are non-toxic and safe for use.

3. Low maintenance quilts online

Our baby blankets provide the greatest in newborn comfort and are an excellent choice for parents. Our baby blankets enable you to create a secure environment for your baby, allowing them to sleep comfortably for hours. Our heavy winter quilts India are low maintenance. You can wash them at home. Being lightweight, they are also portable. Indeed, the quilts by Jaipur Fabric are low maintenance and highly cost effective products. For wash care, please check the specifications sincerely and get to know the product. Not all but there are  quilts by Jaipur Fabric which you need not invest much effort and money on.
Other important attributes of baby Jaipur Rajai

1.  Perfect gift for kids

The baby Jaipur Rajai is the perfect gift for kids. They turn out to be loved by babies for their warmth, comfort and softness. This winter season give your kids the gift of warmth with the baby blanket. These quilts are appropriate for swaddling. Alongside, when in a buggy mood, this will keep your kids warm and cosy. Easy to carry, we can pack them in a bag to take along on a trip. Since everyone thinks of a unique gift for the baby, surprise them with our Jaipur Razai. We bet this will be the most liked gift. We all know that we cannot have many blankets for a baby. Thus, this necessitates the need of a warm and comfortable quilt.

2. Available in different sizes

Our range of quilts are available in different sizes. These customised quilts can be used  in a crib, cot beds, car seats, or single beds. The reason behind providing an assortment of sizes is that the baby can move easily under the blanket. Consequently, a variety of sizes also emphasise less exposure to air. This will then result in a sound sleep.

3. Health Care

Whether in a hospital or at home, when you present the quilt to the baby, ensure that it is safe. It is necessary to know that kids are prone to allergies and infections. So, whatever you give to them should not catch germs easily. Our exquisite heavy winter quilts repel dirt and dust naturally. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any allergy affecting your child and keep the child healthy. As well as, no synthetic chemicals are used for colouring the blankets, these are safe and non-toxic for use by parents for their babies.


Are you still confused whether to invest in baby blankets or not? Well, don’t think much because this is an investment you won’t regret. The quilts for kids are lightweight, super comfy, gentle, warm and easy to carry. They are also washable at home which makes it cost effective. Above all, made up of cotton its breathability is extreme which will not irritate the child. You can choose the variant which suits your baby the best from our collection. Happy winters!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which size of quilt is best-suited for a baby?
There are different sizes for babies of distinct age groups. However, the three standard sizes are as follows-
The size that is suitable for infants is 30x30
For toddlers, the size is 30x40
36x52 is the standard size for it fits any bedding hassle free.
2. What are some of the common quilt sizes for babies?
The common quilt sizes for babies are 42 to 48 squares. Each of these squares should be 5 inches. These are suitably the best sizes for kids for they fit well in the bedding made for kids.
3. Which is a preferred fabric material for lightweight quilts for heavy winter for kids?
The preferred fabric material for lightweight quilts for heavy winter for kids is cotton. It is because it is breathable and soft. Moreover, it does not irritate the skin.
4. What are the different sizes of baby quilts offered by Jaipur Fabric?
The different sizes of baby quilts offered by Jaipur Fabric are the ones that fit perfectly in a crib, cot beds, car seats, or single beds. You can filter the size required for your baby.


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