Duvet And Quilts- What is The Difference

Posted on: January 2nd, 2017 03:38 PM

When it comes to the cozy night sleep, then different bedding comes in mind. Duvets, bed covers, quilts, blankets etc. people mostly get confused in duvet and quilt, they usually call it blanket when they use quilt or duvet. After all, everyone wants the bedroom or any other room of your home to be perfect in every aspect, but before the bedding section comes you must be aware of the terms or definitions of your beddings. Knowing what they are? Where they are used and with what they can be used? But the confusion is over here, as we are going to discuss the difference between duvet and quilt.

Quilt- The traditionally quilt is composed of three layers of fabrics. It has woven cloth at the top and bottom and a layer of batting in middle. All are stitched together in a different pattern. In Asia, it is called Razai. The top fabric can be of cotton or silk and the filling is of fiber or cotton. In different cultures, people prefer different patterns. Many are made and given to mark important events like childbirth, marriage, graduations or family member leaving home.

But if we talk about modern quilts they are not only used as beddings but they are also used as table runners, table cloths, wall hangings or used as throws. The stitching pattern makes quilt different from other types of bed covers. The basic purpose of the quilt is providing warmth and comfort in winters. Now-days quilts are available in online stores. Quilts for kids having cartoon prints are another thing that makes it different from other beddings.

Duvet- Duvet is essentially a flat bag filled with down feathers or synthetic alternatives. In comparison to a quilt, it is more fluffy and cozy. Used in all parts of the world are basically originated in Europe. If you see a duvet from a distance it seems as a cover containing lots of pillows inside. These pillows are nothing but the feathers of duck and they are stitched in a manner they look like this way.

Duvet comes in white or off white in color which is in sharp contrast to the quilts. Instead of the combination of bed sheet, blanket, quilt or other bed covers people like to use duvet as it reduces the complexity of making a bed. People prefer to use duvet covers so as to be able to wash to keep duvet neat and clean. Instead of the feather in modern times silk is also used.

Next time when you think of decorate your home just choosing the bedding than don’t get confused in quilt and duvet. You can buy from the online stores that provide different patterns and colors. Choose duvet or quilt according to your preference of use. But the main thing to be noticed is with duvets you can buy duvet covers to protect them while quilts come alone, so they need more care. This winter goes for your favorite duvet or quilt.


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