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Dressing Up A King-sized Bed - All You Need to Know

Posted on: July 5th, 2021 10:14 AM

Your bedroom is the sanctuary that you wish to retire to after a hectic day’s work. Would not you just love a perfectly welcoming bed garbed in the finest of bed sheets and other accessories? At the same time, would you feel similar sentiments for an untidy bed or a bedroom in disarray? Not really, right? Well, if you have got a king-size bed and are wondering how to dress a king-size bed, this article is your best bet! If you think just placing a comfy, king-size bed in your bedroom is enough for you to have that restful night’s sleep, you can’t be farther from the truth. While it is the first step in the right direction, you need to know how to dress a super king-size bed. So, let’s delve deep right away!

A Sturdy King-size Bed

When it comes to your bedroom, you want something equal measures aesthetically elegant and soothing. Won’t you agree? A nicely made king-size bed complete with vibrant king-size bedsheets, a clutter-free nightstand, a dimly-lit vibe with proper airflow, what more can you ask for? Well, all these aspects won’t be able to put your mind at ease if your king-size bed is not up to par. Can you relate? You surely won’t want a bed that makes shrieking noises or has its paint peeling? And, it’s not like you can swap your not-so-great bed anytime you wish. So, the golden rule is to get a sturdy king-size bed that will stay your companion for several years to come, and without a complaint. With this, you can take out your creative hats to dress up your king-size bed in the most pleasant manner.

Layer It Up

Now, who does not love layers, be it for clothing or our own beds? Layering is the simplest way of styling your king-size bed that will offer you excellent results. And, it comes recommended by most interior designers and stylists too. So, the next question is how do you layer your bed? Well, that depends on the season. If it’s summer, you may choose to go for premium cotton bedsheets on the bed, and then layer them up with a smooth, light-weight quilt or a floral dohar. If it's the rainy or winter season, you may layer up your king-size bed with multiple layers of bedsheets, quilts, comforters, or dohars. No matter if you are aiming for the classic look or the vibrant one or a contrast one, you can dress up your king-size bed as per your dynamic preferences. Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination for premium-quality bedsheets for your king-size bed as well as a wide range of comforters, quilts, dohras, all being crafted by the legacy artisans from Rajasthan. The best part is all these bed linens and accessories for your king-size beds are available within reasonable price brackets.

It’s Pillow Time

Don’t you love falling face-first onto the pillows after a hectic day and cuddling against it? Pillows are also a great way to make your king-size bed aesthetically pleasing. Arrange them either horizontally or vertically or stack them in a messy manner just for that casual look. Choose pillows in colours that will either match or contrast the bedsheets or the top layers on the bed. Interested to learn more about styling your king-size bed? Stay tuned for more such quirky tips. Meanwhile, check out the exquisite collection of bed linen and other accessories at Jaipur Fabric today!


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