Dos and Don'ts of Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Your Children

Dos and Donts of Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Your Children

Posted on: August 19th, 2021 10:12 AM

Bedtime Routine - An Overview  

Don’t our little munchkins look adorable sleeping? The dangling hands or feet, the slightly agape mouth, and the tousled hair are some of the sleep-led features that most of us have come to find indulgent. At the same time, the memories of sleepless nights, late-night sleep escape mechanisms, and frequent restroom visits are also afresh. How harrowing it was to put your kids to sleep at night, all veteran parents would readily agree! Are you a first-time parent, and your little one is giving you a hard time oversleeping? Well, this guide on toddler bedtime routine is your holy grail! Keep reading!

Significance of Bedtime Routine

It’s quite possible that most of you might not have a particular bedtime routine or sleep pattern in your childhoods. Well, those were different times altogether as the day’s physical activities, the school-play-homework routines were quite exhausting. And, most of you would have slumbered well and good. However, the times have changed. Today’s kids have a high inclination towards screen time, staying indoors, playing video games on the couches, which ultimately limits their physical activity. This leads to the challenges of falling asleep as well as sleep disturbances throughout the night. For some kids, it could be once while for some it’s multiple times.

We understand how daunting it can be for you, and that’s why we have come up with a set of DIY techniques to establish a bedtime routine for kids.

Before we delve into the depth, let’s understand why a bedtime routine is important for a child.

Consistency - Bedtime routines involve a set of tasks such as having a nutritious snack, brushing the teeth, having a bath or a change of nappies, putting on a comfy pair of pyjamas, reading a book, or listening to lullabies. These tasks must be followed in a coherent order to ensure the consistency of bedtime routines. This consistency helps kids have a sense of security and bid goodbye to sleeping alone or on their own. Several research and studies cite that kids who follow a bedtime routine are more likely to fall asleep soon, sleep better, and longer, and wake up quite rarely in the night.

Cognitive Skill Development - We all would agree that a restful night’s sleep is paramount to stay fresh, and energetic throughout the day, the same goes for the kids. A fresh body and mind equate to high levels of memory, concentration, and better cognitive skills. Kids with adequate sleep tend to be well-behaved and are easy to coordinate with.

Parent-Child Bonding - In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many of you might not get enough time to spend with your kids in the day, and evening times. However, having a bedtime routine helps you set aside some time for bonding with your kids. Participate, and encourage them to attain self-sufficiency, sing with them, read stories with them, talk with them about their day. This is surely going to take the warmth of your relationship with your kiddo up by several notches. They will have a sense of satisfaction as well as belonging, which will shape their behaviours, and social interactions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Establishing Bedtime Routine for Kids

Well, to many of us, a bedtime routine may seem easy to establish, and carry on with it. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you need to bear in mind to make the most of the night-time sleep endeavours.


● Kids imitate the behaviour of their parents and elders. When it’s about a bedtime routine, pay special attention to ‘routine’. Make sure you encourage your kids to follow the pattern of tasks each night before bedtime.

● Bedtime routines need not be deliberate. There are chances that you might wind up your little ones rather than easing them into sleep. Keep it simple, short, and sweet!

●  A healthy day follows a restful night and vice versa. To ensure that your kids don’t turn into insomniacs, encourage them to get enough physical activity, and sunlight throughout the day; encourage them to inculcate an outdoorsy attitude.

● Follow sleep hygiene rules

●  Opt for comfy cotton bedsheets. These are essential for keeping your kids comfortable throughout the night. Cotton bedsheets are also hypoallergenic, can retain heat as well as keep the kids cool on summer nights.

●  Dedicate some time in the bedtime routine to talk to or listen to your child. This is the time when they are more likely to bring up their emotions or thoughts that they might have close to their hearts. If your child complains of not being able to sleep, don’t childe them. Try to understand the root cause. Go for dim-lit home views as it promotes a sense of tranquillity, and thus sleep-readiness.


●  Keep your kids away from the screen be it TV or mobiles or laptops as the blue radiations may interfere with their sleep-readiness

●  Avoid offering sugary treats just before bedtime as it may make your kids prone to cavities, and other health hazards

●  A bedtime routine must follow a wake-up schedule too. No matter if it’s weekends or holidays, don’t encourage your child to stay up later than scheduled.

●  Make sure you decorate their bedroom with appropriate shades and put forth sleep-aiding coloured bedsheets such as white, blue, pink with varied patterns.

When it’s about establishing a bedtime routine for kids, don’t hesitate to invest in quality bedding, and bed linen. Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination for availing of premium-quality, fitted, kids-friendly cotton bedsheets at unbeatable prices. Do check out our extravagant bedsheets online today! 


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