Dos and Don’ts For Caring Your Quilt

Dos and Donts For Caring Your Quilt

Posted on: December 22nd, 2016 12:55 PM

As winter comes, the first thing that comes to mind is buying the quilt for the family. It is obvious that you spend a lot of time in choosing your best quilt. But have you ever thought that they need more concern if you want them to be with you for a long time? Don’t panic it’s not a big deal to maintain them. Here are some dos and don’ts that you have to follow for the long life of your quilt. It makes your quilt stay in perfect condition for years to come.

Do’s for your quilt

•         Washing- in winters as nobody wants to be out of the quilt. So, in this case, the chance of having the stain on your quilt is quite possible. So wash it frequently as possible. Be sure not to use bleach or strong detergents for washing.

•         Wash your quilt in the washing machine but use gentle or hand wash cycle. As these quilts are made up of fine fibers so be sure about the fabric to maintain.

•         You can hand wash more delicate quilts or those which are embroidered or beaded. Because machine washes will damage all the work on the quilt.

•         Use the gentle soap when you wash your quilt. Using the tough detergent can affect the color and fabric of your quilt.

•         If you don’t want your quilt to be washed quickly you can remove dust with the help of vacuum with a nylon stocking placed over the end of the hose.

•         Do air out your quilt on a nice day. Fold it over the clothesline or lay it on the top of the large sheet of the grass.

•         Sometimes children make stains. Then remove the stains as soon as they occur.

•         If you are storing your quilt then make a fold and refold it every three months.

Don’ts for your quilt

•         Never try to wash the heirloom quilts

•         Don’t use warm water when you wash your quilt. Warm water damages the fabric of your quilt.

•         Always check the color fastness first before washing it. Many companies provide the advice of washing with the quilt.

•         Don’t dry your quilt in the dryer, always lay flat to dry

•         Never let your quilt to leave in direct sunlight

•         Don’t eat and drink around the quilt that’s the recipes for the stains for sure.

•         Do not dry clean your quilt. Because chemicals can harm your quilt which makes the life of your quilt short.

•         Do not store your quilt in the plastic bag as even cotton needs to breathe.

•         Don’t keep quilts in the wooden box, as they bugs can harm your quilt.

Following all these tips can help you out in maintaining the winter’s favorite quilts. By these points, you can have your quilt for years and years with you. Enjoy this winter with your favorite quilt.


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