Dohar Stands to be Ideal Choice for Home

Posted on: June 5th, 2017 02:23 PM

Stated to be the traditional Indian blanket from the house of Rajasthan, Dohar is a beautiful masterpiece. It is, ideally, developed with 3 layers of the finest muslin cloth piece. Cotton, as known, is one of the most beautiful and easy to wear fabrics. When it comes to the matter of printing, the middle layer is the one to be selected. Indeed, middle and trim layers are block printed by hand. The blocks are dipped in varied shades and exquisite prints are crafted on them. Further to this, their outer layer remains softer because it does not carry any kind of print. The best part of having Dohar is that they are perfect for every climate. Even in summers, they can be used as air conditioners are switched on.

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Moreover, Dohar is a light weight blanket that makes it easier for the people to store it in an almirah. They are slated to be ideal for every person, even the children because of the soft texture. And the fact is that they tend to get softer with every wash too. Being a finest example of Rajasthani printing techniques, it is richly decorated and beautified with intricate borders too. The increasing use of Dohar has led it to be included as sleeping blanket, stroller cover, swaddling blanket and even air conditioner blankets. They are available around in varied sizes, which calls for useful for children as well as adults alike. The excellence of Dohar lies in the fact that they are beautified with varied prints and stylistic patterns.

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Also called as Rajasthani quilt, Dohar has a white background with different kinds of prints beautified on them. Right from the Keri prints to Sanganeri, Lehriya, Floral and Animal prints, Dohar is decorated with authentic prints. Exemplifying traditional mannerisms on fabric, these Dohars are exquisitely liked. Each and every piece of Dohar has been created with much finesse. The best factor about Dohar is that it looks majestically beautiful and has prints in different shades. Certainly, the beauty of Dohar lies in its printing styles, which has been liked by everyone. Rajasthan has always been famous for its traditional prints that look really magnificent.

There are numerous
websites selling Rajasthani Dohar
with much authenticity. In fact, they have a variety of products making it possible for the people to select the design required by them. Having ability to add a charm to the room’s interiors, Dohar has always been liked. Indeed, buying online is the best way to get a good quality product at lesser rates. Some of the websites selling Rajasthani artefacts offer discounts on Dohar too. Moreover, with changing trends, buying products online is becoming all the more trendy. People are finding it quick and easier to shop as it allows checking out more products than one can find in a handloom house. 


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