Different Curtains Styles For a Prettier Home

Posted on: June 9th, 2020 04:50 PM

Different Curtains Styles – Choose Your Style For a Prettier Home


Appropriately designed curtains will help provide comfort in your home and decorate the windows and doors. A modern approach to interior design allows you to decorate any room. Various design options for windows in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen are available for selection.

Window curtain designs are incredibly diverse; it is possible to adequately decorate any room and taste even the most sophisticated. Curtains should ideally be combined with the interior of your room, to give the room a full and comfortable feel.

Slim selection of curtains in the interior

The first thing you need to find out is whether you want a curtain opposite the main design of the room or can fit it properly. It is also important that the size, number, and curtain position for each size of windows.

Double curtains - 2 curtains on the window

Double curtains look beautiful, festive, and harmonious in any change. Superb appearance, a simple process of care, and convenience of overlapping are advantages that are endowed with double curtains. For this option, it is best to choose a fabric that will be close to the color.

Combined curtains bring a rich and robust shade, making it possible to add completely contrast colors. Combined curtains are universal in their use; they allow you to develop imaginations and only expand the diversity of the interior. The modern designs of curtains are incredibly diverse, and the adventurous connoisseurs of this inevitable pick themselves up for something unusual, for example, use in their internal composite curtains

Curtain combinations with different fabrics and colors

Help create a bold and unusual design solution, such as asymmetry in the interior, curtains on one side. This effect cannot be achieved with a simple curtain. The choice of fabric plays a significant role, several layers, shade, and style. The curtains on one side are also supported by an additional element in the interior: the original pattern or a bright wallpaper on the wall of the room. Curtains on one side are fixed with the help of a mesh clamp or "fluttering" butterfly, which is also clear, and on the opposite side hangs a small, low-heave tulle.

Another basic solution in the interior is asymmetrical curtains; they are often used on irregular shapes, attics or roof opening window openings. The choice of such curtains is a non-standard solution in window design, which always has originality and diversity; it helps to emphasize design advantages and hide room shortcomings.


 Asymmetrical curtains

To change something in the interior, there is no need to hurry to make renovation, it will be enough to select a new style of curtain, and it will instantly bring a fresh breath to your home. The curtain style is significant, and each person is beautiful in their way.

Curtains or Baroque in the style of Rocco - the scope of this type, the juiciness of colors, the play of light, the intricate draperies, and the new lines underlined. Such products are wrapped in abundance and decorated with accessories. In embroidery, apart from embroidery, appliqués take a large part. Rococo style products are mainly made of natural silk with tapestry elements in light pastel colors.

Baroque curtain design

An extraordinary combination of colors and accessories is reflected in Boho's style. It separates itself from binding principles or rules. When sewing curtains, the color range of the fabric is limited only by the manufacturer's imagination, the inner world, and self-expression. One finds in the style of boho.

Curtain design in boho style

Curtains stand out for their simplicity in Russian style: natural fabrics, hand-embroidered jewellery, and classic folk colors. Materials with Slavic mutifez Giselle or khakolomi are not at all worse than sophisticated French curtains. In the interior kitchen, curtains with such elements will look beautiful. Gzhel Clothing gives a festive feeling, but it is worth remembering that in this design, you need to know the sense of proportion.

European trends in design details

A wide variety of draperies styles were opened for the entire history of the window frame design. For dozens of centuries, mankind has appreciated luxury and wealth in life. If the luxurious ball gowns of the time were left behind, this style only adds to the interior.

Mainly Italian curtains by Venetian or otherwise. They do not fit for the general interior but are designed only in a luxurious style, designed in the same manner. Such curtains are made of lush, richly decorated, embroidered with pearls and expensive stones. An integral part of these curtains will be decorative ornaments such as fringes, brushes, rosettes. The fabric for such curtains is mainly velvet, which can be finished with natural satin. Complete this entire set is possible using multiple levels on the screen.

Venice or Italian Scenes

Considerable attention should be given to the French style on sewing curtains. The canopy's curtains represent a number of horizontal layers, which fall upon each other, which creates an unusually rich and luxurious effect. Decorate such curtains with lace. For their stitching, light semi-transparent garments, for example, chiffon, organza, or silk, are used. Such curtains create a visual volume and look better in the spacious hall to welcome guests.


Design of marquise french awnings

In modern times, more and more curtains are used in the minimalist style. This style includes hardness, conciseness, simplicity, and space-saving. The color scheme and texture of such curtain fabrics do not allow for glitter and sparkle. This product is a simple cut without bright decorative elements suitable for people with a creative bias

Curtains designed in the style of minimalism

Curtains in the style of empire - with a large amount of paint, ribbons, and compulsory rich decoration of curtains, this - imperial scope. The material in this style is not only decorated by windows, but also by walls and furniture.

Curtain design in empire style

Curtains in Scandinavian style - creating a comfortable and bright room. Their uniqueness is the consistency of creation, simplicity of cutting, and sewing. The fabric for the product is chosen to be light and transparent. Such curtains do not contain folds, or other bright ornaments. The Scandinavian style is suitable for those who appreciate the warmth and comfort of the home environment.

Variety of curtain style

Curtains and drapes differ not only in color, style, and variety of fabrics but also in their stylish orientation. Openwork curtains represent a decorative fabric in the form of an unusual intertwining of thin threads. Lace products create an infinitely impressive effect and are best suited for bedroom interior.

Photo curtains made of lace

Today, the widest range of these curtains is on the market, but it is not difficult to make them yourself. Such products may consist of either fully or partially lace; it is chosen according to the style of your room. In the bedroom, openwork curtains create the impression of intimacy and serenity in the living room - create a festive atmosphere.

Old style curtains do not limit your imagination; they are created with the help of old patterns and various elements used throughout history: brushes, braids, multi layers, lace, frills. For sewing vintage products, at least two layers are used, one of which remains fixed and performs the function of decoration, and the other - a sliding one. Fabrics also vary in texture. For each room, it is recommended to face the old curtain in a certain style.

Vintage curtains

Curtains in the style of patchwork - a technique that creates extraordinary beauty and clarity of colors. For the production of such a product is used to deposit individual pieces in colors and patterns. In this style, it is not necessary to choose garments; the main thing is that it should fit your interior. Curtains in this style give warmth and comfort, especially if they are made with their hands.

The natural style of window linen

Mediterranean style slowly moved to us from warm countries. It has a lot of light and sea air. In this style, it is trendy to mix colors, overlapping layers of clothing. Not only windows but doors, arches wrapped with such products. Silk, cotton, or linen are used as materials. The curtains in the Mediterranean style are faithful to other styles and agree to combine Roman curtains, blinds, roll curtains.

Design curtains in Mediterranean style

Curtains in a nautical style will not only emphasize the craving of water but will always allow feeling yourself in the lovely elements. It is especially important to use this style in the summer. They have no restrictions on clothes' choice, and the color scheme of the product passes by itself. Still, the marine style curtains do not play a central role in the interior, but vice versa, a Complement or serve as a connecting element. The ocean elements require that they carry curtains from the conch; they will prolong the memories of summer and help decorate the interior of any room.


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