Difference between the Styles of Bagru and Sanganeri Fabrics

Posted on: February 2nd, 2017 12:02 PM

Rajasthan has always been known worldwide for its exquisite lifestyle and the use of art forms that are rich in heritage. One of them is an array of printing techniques that holds significance as truly spectacular. In the bag of printing styles, Sanganeri and Bagru fabric printing is quite in talks from the time of their existence. Belonging to the traditional towns of Rajasthan, they represent the royal appeal of the state and ensure that every individual gets spellbound by them. As people are aware of the fact that printing trends of Rajasthan are dipped in beauty and intricacy, they tend to last long. Though, originally, the basic fabric used for printing was cotton; these days, synthetic and silk are also utilized at times.

Considering the two most important printing techniques, Sanganer and Bagru, they are much loved for quality designs. Representing complexity with authenticity, Sanganeri printing techniques are vibrantly evident from the exquisite floral patterns. They are said to be simply beautiful and carried out richly on the white background. Talking about its comparison with Bagru Printing, Bagru is carried out with elegance and on an indigo or bluish shaded background. Both printing styles belong to the princely state of Rajput called Rajasthan; but, the specific regions add their distinctive touch to make it stand apart from others. No matter, what the areas is; Rajasthan has managed to amaze people with its rich craftsmanship. It is the traditional aspects of the state depicted exclusively on fabric that makes it worth appreciating.

Furthering on the road of comparison, water plays a vital role in determining the results of a printing technique. In Sanganer, water effect leads to the appearance of effects in a darker tone. As the water was available in abundance, printing and washing were easily carried out. On the other hand, water in Bagru lends a reddish touch to the block printing patterns. It is scarcity of water that led Bagru opt for Dhabu resisted as well as indigo work. Beauty of the designs and patterns are such that it could strike anyone in a single gaze. Now, taking hold of the motifs, the ones in Bagru style represent larger sizes coupled with bolder lines. On the other side of the coin, prints from Sanganer are soberly tuned with fie lines and intricate detailing.

The beauty of the printing techniques is such that people tend to get mesmerized without doubt. These days, with the cropping of online stores, there are many of them showcasing high quality fabrics. Such fabrics are strikingly printed in Bagru and Sanganeri styles. They are available as suit materials, Diwan cloth piece or even the bedsheets that makes it worth. Certainly, the best thing about buying online is that one gets to see a variety of products without having to roam around physically to hunt for. In this manner, the buyers can select from an exclusive price range too that fits their budget for sure. 


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