Dark Colored Bed Sheets Make Your Bedroom Dull – A Myth

Posted on: April 22nd, 2021 04:36 PM

The popular behavior in shopping for bedsheets has been either going for bright or lighter colors or just not paying enough attention to the matter. While selecting the design for your room, it is quite probable to not focus on the color of your sheets. But, a bedsheet impacts quite a lot on a bedroom’s décor since it is usually among the top eye-engaging factors. A bed sheet can make your room look, cheap and congested or classy and captivating.

Factors to Pay Notice to Before Shopping For Bedsheets

Size: Going by general terms, twin-sized, queen, or king-sized will not help. To find the perfectly fitting bedsheet for your bed, measure the dimensions of your mattress from top to bottom and the width. Choose bedsheets accordingly, for a king-sized bedsheet from one maker will differ from another.

Fabric: Choose the fabric you feel most comfortable in. The popular choice for bedsheets is cotton. Satin, microfiber, silk are the more luxurious options. You can also go for linen, polyester, and flannel and always blends.

Thread Count: Comfort not only depends on the fabric but the thread count of the bedsheet as well. You will find the right balance of comfort and wear that is usually if the thread count of the bedsheet is between, 250 and 175. However, there is no tight-bound rule. Higher thread counts will mean softer bedsheets but going too high means the sheets will not wear.

Color: Color may be an easily overlooked factor but isn’t in the least insignificant. It can not only affect your room’s décor but also your quality of sleep. In 2021, the trends in bedsheet colors are dark neutral tones and people are loving it.

Dark Bedsheets for Your Room and Mind

Just like in fashion, dark and bold colors are great to make a statement. The same goes for your bedsheets. They can be peaceful and calming, as well as provide a great contrast to your room’s features. In fact, for years, the Egyptians and the Chinese have applied color therapy to treat various illnesses. And studies show how they can affect your mind, provide stability and help with depression, stress, sleep disorders, and so on.

Here’s a list of darker shades of bedsheets for you to try out for your room that is also therapeutic.

Blue – While too much blue can have a depressing effect, the muted shades of blue will provide the needed calm and peace to your mind and help you sleep. Indigo or navy blue options are also excellent options for your bedroom. Simpler patterns or just the solid shades of blue will complement your room quite well if it has orange or brown furnishing. Blue can also help your room achieve the classic Indian appeal.

Green – Dark Satin green bed sheets are a great addition to your collection. Green bedsheets are peaceful to look at and helps your body leave the daily stress and fall into a deep slumber. It has a healing effect and a hygienic look that will help you get that fresh start in the mornings.

Black – Black bedsheets make it easier to hide stains. The added advantage is that black bedsheets will help your room achieve a sleek, sophisticated look like no other. Ebony, midnight, onyx, raven, etc. are a few of the variant shades of black you can try. For many who better sleep in darkness, this color is sleep conducive as it resembles the night sky.

Purple – Lilac, pomegranate, plum, mauve, wine, amethyst, etc. there is a great assortment of options when it comes to purple. While too much purple or using it too often can bring a melancholic effect, the right balance will evoke a relaxing or romantic mood. It's classy and elegant, and the alluring effect is perfect for you and your partner or even just you taking a relaxing day off with a glass of wine and your favorite storybook.

Brown – Brown may seem a dull color for many. However, when paired right, it gives your bedroom a warm, cozy, autumnal feeling. The feeling of warm coffee or hot chocolate in front of a bonfire. Brown is the color of the earth, growth, fertility, and soil. It’ll not only provide the right homely effect for your soul but also a stable, royal effect to your bedroom.

Grey – A prolonged use of grey may cause unsettling feelings. However, it is a color that gets the mysteriousness of the black and the somberness of the white. If there are already hints of grey in your room, grey bed sheets are a great pair that will result in a tasteful bedroom.

Benefits of Using Darker Colored Bedsheets

Relaxation: Since darker colors reflect lesser light, they are lesser on the energy and contribute a more relaxing and refreshing effect. This is a necessity for bedrooms since the dark contrast to the rest of the house will help you de-stress and help you sleep.

Perfect for a Minimalist Setting: If you are aiming for an elegant minimalist look or just prefer less clutter of furniture, dark bedsheets are your way to go. Dark bedsheets require minimum furniture and can still make your bedroom look complete. Or if your house has modern décor, dark bedsheets will fit just perfectly.

Space: Darker tones of color in your bedroom, including your bedsheets, can give it the visual effect of more space. It’s great for smaller spaces and can lift your room in general. Thus the statement that darker bedsheets make your bedroom dull, is false.

Romantic setting: Black or purple or other bold dark bedsheets flatter a dark bedroom and are a great mood-setter. Darker colors can not only be stimulating, but they can also work great in boosting your confidence.

Lesser Maintenance: Darker colors highlight stains or mark lesser. Dark bedsheets can help your rooms achieve a newer and fresher look no matter when. As it also requires lesser furniture along with it, you will need even lesser efforts to maintain the entire room.

People are enjoying these dark and bold colors in their bedrooms for the right reasons. Dark bedsheets will not make your room look dull, rather uplift it. For the ones who have generally avoided darker colors in their bedroom, it is time to give these stylish colors a try.


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