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Posted on: November 26th, 2021 11:45 AM

Are you also one of them who love winters? If so, then you may agree to what I have to say.

Winter is a season that brings with itself an aura of love and romance. The romance I talk about here does not only include couples. It is the kind of love which involves family. In winters we always want to snug into. Staying inside means spending more time with family.  Thus, this season strengthens the familial bond.

Thereafter, a comforter becomes a must have for saving your dear ones from chilly winter. As we call it a comforter, the purpose that it serves is to keep you comfortable in the wrap. Nevertheless, it is really critical to select the right comforter for the people you love.

Fact check- Do you know that a comforter is a two-layered wrap while a quilt only has one layer? While most you may be aware of this fact but those who are not, now you know.

Everytime one goes to buy a comforter s/he finds a light-weighed wrap. You may be wondering if a comforter is a doubly layered sheet why is it light? It is because of the construction.

Since a comforter has to be comfortable, it cannot be heavy on you. The layering takes place in such a way that it is light and keeps cold at bay. Thereby, it is fulfilling the purpose of a comforter.

Comforters for wintersare an important investment for one to make. The root cause is that when the cupboard is full of heavy bed essentials, a light weight material is necessary.

Not only are they elegant looking but they give a lux feel to your bedroom. After a detailed research, the experts at Jaipur Fabric introduce a complete range of comforters for winters.

Snuggle in, because Jaipur fabric is all set to take you on a cosy comforter journey. Pay heed! You will get acquainted to a variety of comforters online available which are irreplaceable.



At Jaipur Fabric, we uncover an assortment of spread the colorreversible comforters. We blend two different colors making it an unmatched combination. A comforter that can be covered upside down is a win-win investment. Stated below is our collection in the provided section-


At Jaipur Fabric, we uncover an assortment of spread the color reversible comforters. We blend two different colors making it an unmatched combination. A comforter that can be covered upside down is a win-win investment. Stated below is our collection in the provided section-

1. Ocean Blue Teal Blue Single Bed Comforter

A perfect combination of two different shades of blue that either way beautifies your bedroom. Ocean Blue and Teal Blue Single Bed Comforter is thermally bonded with microfibers. The size of this vivid reversible comforter is 230 CM x 150 CM. Another important factor is that it comes with long-lasting hypoallergenic protection against allergens. Along with this, these comforters by Jaipur Fabric are odor free, and are durable. As well as you can easily wash them at home.

2. Mango Yellow Light Grey Single Bed Comforter

Jaipur Fabric introduces Mango Yellow Light Grey Single Bed Comforter is one of our most selling comforters. This color combination looks regal and spreads positivity in the room. Since it is a reversible comforter, it can be taken both ways. Jaipur Fabric comprehends the customers’ need. Thus, it caters a product of high value. These comforters are lightweight so that it does not feel heavy on the body.   

3. Maroon-Pink Single Bed Comforter

 With the expertise in color-combination, Jaipur Fabric curates another oozing color blend. Maroon-Pink Single Bed Comforter would mingle elegantly with any solid color in your bedroom. The finesse of these comforters is unbeatable. As our comforters weigh less, the chances of feeling at ease within the wrap increases. Thereupon, it renders towards an improved sleep enrooting towards a healthy body and mind. So, we not only care for your comfort but also for your health.

4. Aqua Green Parrot Green Single Bed Comforter

 The trendy pastel combination of Aqua Green Parrot Green Single Bed Comforter is here. As already mentioned, we have a prowess in combining colors, how can we not touch the pastels. Jaipur Fabric delivers an authentic duo of Aqua Green Parrot Green Single Bed Comforter. This fusion appeals to the beholder’s eyes. We quench the thirst of this parched world with our color palate. Unlikely to state that this blend of color in the comforter section would be first picked.

5. Dark Pink Navy-blue Single Bed Comforter

Dark Pink Navy-blue Single Bed Comforter remains an evergreen choice for the customers. The amalgamation of pink and blue has its roots deep in the history. Professionals at Jaipur Fabric thus emphasize on bringing this color blend on the canvas. Comfy, lightweight, and durable, these reversible comforters are your saviors.

Though this list is never-ending, we manage to name only a few selected pieces of ours. Our treasure of reversible comforters is open for your search and choosing the product that matches your requirement.


 Next in the queue are preferable prints comforters set online. The prints and patterns on these comforters showcase Indian cultural heritage at length. Therefore, this section of comforters will not only keep you warm but also close to your culture. Let us present our highly demanded comforters.

1. Barmeri Pastel Double Bed Comforter

Jaipur Fabric unboxes its treasure of Rajasthani history to acquaint us with Barmer Print. Barmeri Pastel Double Bed Comforter got its print from the ancient history of Rajasthan. Barmer is an age-old method of hand block printing. Inspired by the Sind region, these prints have paved their way to Double bed comforter. This winter let yourself be covered in aesthetically elegant Barmeri Pastel Double Bed Comforters.

2. Pink Twill Cotton Double Bed Comforter

 Pink Twill Cotton Double Bed Comforter is one of the customers’ favorite products. These comforters set online would illuminate the aesthetics of your bedroom.  A perfect fit for a good night sleep is this comforter.  It comes in the size of 228x274 cm approximately. Thereby, even if you stretch yourself while sleeping, it won’t fall short. The Pink Twill Comforter is soft, light, very warm, and odor free. Furthermore, this wrapping article would give lasting durability and ensured lifelong warmth.

3. Pink Daffodil King Size Double Comforter

 Also available in king size, the Pink Daffodil King Size Double Comforter is just a masterpiece. Made up of the cotton cover and fiber filling, this comforter weighs less and is really warm.  The wonderful design imprinted is hand quilted tagaai. To maintain the freshness and warmth of the comforter, the user needs to get it dry cleaned. One must refrain from washing it at home.  Customer satisfaction is our priority. Thus we take care that the ink does not bleed and colors do not fade.

4. Bed in a Bag Paisley Blueish Grey Double Bed Sheet Comforter

As the world is shifting towards innovation, Jaipur Fabric also moves towards creativity. With sheer passion, we unveil our fresh thought of bed in a bag. Yes, you got it right. This time we have not only brought a wrap for you but also for your bed. It is a set of four pieces one double bed sheet, one comforter and two pillow covers.  Aren’t you also eager to enhance your bedroom features just by making a little change?


The comforters for kids are slightly different from the comforters for adults. Budding individuals are prone to getting rashes, and itching on their bodies. They need such a material to be covered with that feels comfortable and light weight on the skin. Along with this, the products used for kids have to be soft and not harsh. Jaipur Fabric considers your concern. Thereby, we launch soft kids’ comforter online.

1.  Pretty Cats Single Bed Comforters

As you know that children are fond of animals, they would appreciate if you befriend them with something similar. Pretty Cats Single Bed Comforters have a iridescent pattern of cats. These comforters would keep your child warm and away from cold.

2. Lion King Single Bed Comforters

Post the blockbuster movie Lion King kids have gone crazy towards the character of Lion King. To satiate the urge of your child bring him the Lion King Single Bed Comforter that would become his/ her best sleeping mate.

3. Cutest Kid Single Bed Comforter

Another in the line is Cutest Kid Single Bed Comforter. The work on the wrap is strong machine quilting. It weighs light as feather. Adding to your joy let me tell you that you can wash it at home. This refers to no worry about spending money on dry cleaning. Now, no matter how often your child gets the comforter dirty, you have the solution to clean it at home.

Other than the above stated comforters in kids section, we have cutest kids baby comforters, cool kids single bed comforters, dino kids single bed comforter etc.


1.  What is a comforter?

A comforter is a two-layered sheet/ wrap that have a filling of fiber. They are constructed in such a way that it does not feel heavy on the body.

2. What are reversible comforters?

Reversible Comforters are the comforters which can be used both ways. In other words, we can say that these comforters have the ability to be used upside down. At Jaipur Fabric, we blend two contrasting colors and bring for you a comforter that looks appealing.

3. What are the color combinations available in reversible comforters?

The color combinations available in reversible comforters are Ocean Blue Teal Blue, Mango Yellow Light Grey, Maroon-Pink , Aqua Green Parrot Green, Dark Pink Navy Blue and many similar combinations.

4. In what sizes are reversible comforters available?

Reversible Comforters are available in the following sizes-

Single Bed Comforter

Double Bed Comforter

5. Can I buy comforter individually from the bed in bag comforters?

Yes, you can buy comforter individually from the bed in bag comforters. However, the price of the set would cost you cheaper.

6. Do I have to send the comforters for dry cleaning every time?

If you want the comforter to retain its freshness and warmth, it is highly recommended to get the dry cleaning done when the comforter is unclean.

7. In how many days can I return/ replace the product if found dissatisfactory?

We work strongly on customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, if you still find the product dissatisfactory, Jaipur Fabric has a 7 days (seven) return policy.

Patchworks have a long history. Not only in India, but the patchworks had also been famous in other parts of the world. Jaipur fabric uncovers the range of ensnaring patchwork comforter online. Though there are a plenty of comforters available on the internet, we bring the authentic designs to your plates. Our professionals introduce a design after a detailed research. The under mentioned patterns would catch your eye in the section of ensnaring patchwork comforter online.


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