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Colors and Designs for Bed Sheets and Accessories

Posted on: April 28th, 2015 05:24 PM

There are some universal attachments to given valuables and items and regardless of where you come from or where you reside at the present you would understand and appreciate the concepts of quality and color when it comes to those things. One such item is fabric: whether it is to be worn or laid beneath you can always imagine the utility it holds.

The Indian culture has a large capacity for vibrancy and continuing the tradition to everything they have included bed sheets and pillow covers to the list. Shops have moved to the web and with so much stuff being sold online Indian bedsheets have taken to being marketed and sold as well. It is a fruitful business with many good contenders one of them being Jaipur fabric.

Jaipur fabric is a online quality bed sheet and pillow cover selling site that sells Jaipur bed sheets. It has a subscription, a shipping and cancellation policy for its customers. It is a very straightforward and friendly business that ascertains the quality of its products. Jaipur itself is the capital of Rajasthan in India and holds a great significance in the textile industry.

Using cotton and linen as a base with frills, embroideries, laces, patch works, hand word and a myriad of printing designs a lot of essentials for homes, hotels and any residing place is being offered. Anti piling fabric is used for bed sheets to ensure long lasting brightness. Despite just two broad categories of products accessories to them are also sold online.

The insight for bed sheets and pillow covers comes from hundreds of years of cloth printing techniques but they have amped up to modern day cutting edge technology and machines that give the perfect fillings and finishing touch to garments for your furniture or pillow.

For this town there are  three types of fabrics that are being marketed and sold. they include Sanganeri Fabric which originates from a town at a nearby location from Jaipur and excels at hand printed and block printed bed sheets of unique designs and a base of white with exciting patterns and exotic colors are dominant in their collection. The other segment is of Bagru fabric which are very natural and eco-friendly colors sprayed onto sheets using a wooden block that has a design etched on it. The colors and dyes they use come from natural resources and as such they are exceptionally well refined and exotic. Saving for the last but in no way the least is the Bandhej Fabrics. It is a tenacious but most rewarding task to color and ty and dye clothes this way because it has a unique philosophy to it. The fabric is tied into knots and those parts are individually colored giving a wholesome result at the end.

It is not only the process which are historic and strikingly brilliant but also the way these sheets are presented and the effort it goes into them. Block print bed sheets are beautiful and so are printed bed sheets of every textile design. These handmade bed sheets will definitely add adoration to your houses. Jaipur bed sheets are essentially a worthy investment for the adorning of a house.

Jaipur fabric sells fabrics of two categories: one is the bed sheet and the other one is pillow covers. The bed sheets are single and double in different designs and price ranges and the pillow covers are very fine with thread work and mirror work done on them.

Hand woven sheets and covers have a good amount of detailed design. Multi-colored patches on a number of base colors make them very appealing. The variety of these fabrics is astonishing.

To be vested in printing from natural colors and dyes, block printing and even handmade bed sheets Jaipur fabric goes to great lengths to satisfy its customers. The uniqueness cannot be matched against other kinds of bed sheets.

Other than these products throws, table covers, duvet covers and cushion covers are all available as accessories to pillow covers and they match the room or house elegantly. Fluffy covers or sleek and elegant linen designs, quilts for the other side of the bed or matching covers, regardless of what you are aiming for there is something to be offered. Adding a class to the room, the designs are a perfect blend of authentic Jaipur design with trendy edges and a look of contemporary guest room or bedroom can be easily created.

High grade fabrics for bed sheets enforce the designs stay vibrant for a long time and that they are easily washable. With all the focus on handmade or purely unique and native items the company continues to work towards maintaining product quality and enhancing it up to and beyond the standards of modern fabrics.

Displaying great taste and a grand living style with hints of sophistication and vividness Jaipur fabrics holds the utmost promise of making your room eye-catching and elegant with style and a whole different aura of exquisiteness. The fabrics are genuine and soft and above all complement both casual settings and official places. They blend within the room and allow a most refreshing experience.

Bed sheets and pillow covers along with other items are all available at a modest price range when compared to the luxury and sensations they provide. The range of products in shapes, sizes and designs go well with most color schemes and bring out the welcoming gesture and coziness of a room. For any place you can call home or are expecting people to relax and enjoy Jaipur Fabric provides a healthy unit of colors and comfort.


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