Colorful Fabrics For a Brighter Home Décor

Posted on: June 26th, 2020 09:43 PM

Since time immemorial, humans have always craved a place to call ‘home.’ Houses were initially meant to shield us from the forces of nature that are otherwise essential but can be damaging when exposed to. Protection might have been the key that started it all, but with our changing lifestyles, our demands have also expanded for the better. The decoration is not just about making something look ‘beautiful,’ but it is to make something appealing in such a way that it pleases our mind and our soul. We humans have now realized that we must care for our minds as well as our bodies.  Our home is where we return to after a long hard day’s work. A colorful, well-decorated house will not just appease our eyes but help relax our mind. Properly done home décor can reduce stress and help deal with anxiety!


Fabric and Home Décor


Textile and fabric have always fascinated the human mind. There is something magical about the interwoven threads of silk, cotton, jute, and even the synthetic fibers that we humans cannot stop obsessing over. Textiles, when added with the right colors can create a visual harmony whose beauty is inexpressible through words. Fabric can be used as upholstery for a variety of furniture and as cover for cushions and beds.


• Upholsteries and Curtains


A room always radiates an aura controlled by the resident’s tastes and desires. Usually, a drawing-room could showcase formality, but with a radiant personal touch of that specific household. Whereas, a bedroom might be laden with a brighter, homely, and comfortable sort of décor! Each room has its own set of furniture and upholstery. A sofa could be decorated with brown fabric, covered with patterns and art to showcase reliability and strength while also adding a classy touch to it. It adds a sense of life to furniture and stimulates happiness within the person who sits on it. 


Fabric is like paint; not for a painter but for the resident. It is up to them how they choose their colors and paint their furniture.  Curtains are not mere tools to block a stranger’s gaze from peering into our merry dwelling. Bright and colorful Curtains are capable of changing the dynamics of a home entirely.




• Covers for Cushions and Beds


Bedroom cushions and beds are always covered with the fabric of our favorite colors. Colors that help us relax and make us want to rest in peace and quiet. Fabrics with a lighter variant of green, blue and pink are often used to decorate bedrooms by spreading handmade printed bed sheets, for people usually prefer their bedroom fabrics to be pleasing to the eyes. Drawing room fabrics are preferably brighter in color; decorated with artistic patterns and designs. Brighter colors create a welcoming aura while the art adds on to the room’s aesthetics.


Classy colors are preferred over simple decoration for rooms where the residents might normally invite their guests in. Pillows and Cushions are often covered with a softer variant of fabric, more comfortable to touch, and to rest on. And all this because comfort is an extremely essential element of home décor. Mental comfort alone can never please the human needs; our sense of touch needs to be satiated as well.  Cotton has been regarded as one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear as a garment and to use as a cover for our pillows, cushions, and our blankets!


• Carpets


Floor décor should never be compromised, for when our gaze might fall onto our feet; we must still experience the same radiant aura that the rest of the room possesses. Carpets and floor mattresses are normally meant to keep our feet warm and help us walk more comfortably. Since ancient times, humans have always held a deep passion for beautifully woven carpets. Western traders traveled to the east in search of such fabulous pieces of art. Traditionally, carpets were woven out of wool; famous for the patters engraved onto them by heavy stitching that often takes years to finish. Since the early 20th Century, we have discovered a newer, faster method of producing good carpets.


Now, we utilize synthetically produced fabrics like nylon and polyester to replace wool. Carpets that were sold for a fortune can now be produced and purchased at much lower and affordable prices. Carpets can still be heavily embellished with patterns, but purchasing them would solely depend on the resident’s taste. A carpet should be placed in such a manner that it fits appropriately with the choice of upholsteries and covers. Together with them, a carpet could enhance the aesthetics of home to a whole new level.


• Wall Fabric


Wall Fabric is when we add together the concept of wallpapers with fabrics; introducing something new, engaging, and cheap! For many, wall fabrics have become a cheaper alternative for wallpapers and even paintings. A fabric wall hanging with a beautiful ‘mandala pattern’ drawn on it could fascinate several home residents and add on to their plan to transform their houses into a bright and a perfectly decorated home! For residents who might have rented their homes, the idea of a wall hanging might sound more appealing, quick, and cost-efficient!




In a nutshell, fabrics have taken an extremely essential role in our lives. They are not simply meant to be used as tools to cover our bodies with, but as ornaments that will help decorate our homes as well. Every human being has their perception of a dream house. They can make that dream achievable by implementing the right choices and purchasing the right fabric. Colors truly hold the ability to transform something simple into something beautiful. Fabrics, when used properly can truly brighten up our homes and our lives in more ways than we can ever imagine.


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