Color Your Home With These Top Home Decor Ideas

Posted on: June 15th, 2020 09:45 PM

The right color combination can completely transform any dull and boring place by adding life to your space and lightening up the ambiance, making you happy and peaceful. It’s very important to redesign your home or space from time to time, giving it a new upbeat feeling to the same old place. Helping you stay motivated and inspired. It’s very easy to think about bringing change but executing becomes an issue as it may not always be possible or feasible. It could be due to various reasons including time and/or money, but the trick is to never give up.

Even though painting is one of the most common ways to color your home, you can still add color to your home without even lifting a paintbrush. Here are a few top home decor ideas that can make your home become colorful.

·        Colour selection – This is the most vital part of your decoration. You should always remember to either select a lighter or darker shade than your surroundings. The color contrast helps to bring out the essence of any place. You need to also analyze the amount of color required to make it perfect. You will be surprised to see how much of a difference little color can make. Too much or too little color can change the entire ambiance. You can use one single color or use a color variant. Supposedly, you have your room painted white then each time you choose to re-decorate your home, you either just pick any one color eg; either, blue, yellow, green, red, orange or you can choose to splash your home with multi-colors creating a rainbow ambiance.

·        Rearrangement – Rearranging the furniture in any room can give you a whole new perspective. You can move the furniture from one place/room to another or use contrast to keep it funky or sophisticated, anything you want.


·        Accessorizing - Once you have chosen the color combination you want in your home or rooms, you can proceed to execute this. You will have to distribute the color pattern within the whole space so that it will help enhance the décor and not suffocate. You can either buy floral printed bed sheets or curtains, cushion covers, furniture, art, and/or other decorating items, based on your chosen color combination to keep your place new and colorful.


·        Couch transformation – This will have a huge impact on your home decor. It’s a major piece of furniture and it plays a vital part. You can either splash out on a colorful couch that can transform the whole sitting area or instead transform your room with just a simple change of couch cover. Keeping different colored and designs can help change your space giving you a feel of new and beautiful.


·        The Fabrics - Curtains, printed design bed sheets, pillow, and cushion covers are the easiest and simplest ways to convert any dull place into bright and beautiful. You can either choose to match the curtain, cushion/pillow covers, and bedsheets bedsheets to your couch, wall, and/or decoration or use it as a contrast to highlight or enhance any effect. Cushions can also help create a cozy feeling and make you feel pampered.


·        Art and decoration - If you want, you can simply choose to use it to transform your home. The clever use of showpieces, paintings, wall hangings or tapestries to blend into your space to transform, reflecting your ideas and thoughts, a portrait of your mind, making it yours.


·        Memories and Mementos – You may consider using these to reflect happiness as the color of your home. You can use personal photographs of beautiful memories as collages, portraits, or wallpapers in different patterns or designs and/or strategic placement of mementos, spread across the house, or on one particular wall to fill your home with colorful memories and joy. You can keep adding or changing these mementos or pictures from time to time to keep it fresh. You can use antique frames or simply use anything handmade to add uniqueness.


·        Lights – You can use lights to make your home colorful and it can be another way to transform your home. You can not only use different colored glass and natural light to turn your house into a bright spot but can also use different types of lamps, shades and colored bulbs to create any color palette of your preference. Using cellophane can also help transform any normal bulb into a colored bulb, reflecting the color of the cellophane.

·        Potted plants – These are another way to beautifully transform your home’s aura, adding freshness and purity. It is also a healthier option as it works as an air purifier and helps uplifting the ambiance and having a positive impact on your house. Plants with colored leaves and flowers can not only help in your health but also boost your spirit and soul. You can decorate your home with various types of plants depending on the location. You can simply hang them in small pots from your balcony or window, or place them in any tabletop, corner or at the entry to your home. This will create an added ambiance to your whole home.


·         De-cluttering – It is the most vital part of any decoration. Try to keep your place tidy and clean regularly to maintain the ambiance you have created. The unwanted/unused items should be either stored away properly or given away, making space for the new. Too many showpieces or items may sometime create clutter and it’s also difficult to maintain and clean so at times it’s wise to remember, less is more. Strategic placement is important to enhance the effect of any item.



You can opt to turn your home into anything you want. You can pick soft and subtle colours to give you a feeling of peace or tranquility or be bold and beautiful using bold and bright colours. Alternatively, you can pick any particular corner and change its décor individually to create your own niche or choose to transform the whole area, the decision is completely yours.


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