Buying a Bed Comforter: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on: September 10th, 2022 10:09 AM

When the temperature drops at night, staying warm and comfortable is all you need during your sleep time. Instead of changing the temperature setting of your air-conditioner constantly, get a comforter to have a peaceful sleep. 

The comforter is one of the best additions to your bed. You can use the comforter in summer and winter both seasons to keep yourself warm and cozy all the time. Along with adding comfort to your bed, it will also improve your sleep quality. So, you can wake up fresh and energetic every morning. 

When it comes to buying a bed comforter, you will discover plenty of options in the market. The comforters are available in choices of materials, sizes, prints, and quality as well. So, you have to make the right choice to get the best value for money and enjoy your overall experience. 

Before investing in a comforter, take good time for your research work. So, you can land a good decision and get the comforter of your dream. Here we have mentioned a few things that you need to know while buying a comforter online.

Check the best time to buy a comforter:

Do you want to get a steal deal on comforters? Comforters can be used all around the year. So, there is no specific time to buy a comforter for your room. A comforter can last for 10 years if you take care of it properly. The better you care, the longer a comforter lasts. 

However, you can find some discount deals at end of the winter season. So, if you are willing to wait for a worthy deal, then you can buy your comforter in the late winter season at a good price. 

Down and alternative down comforters:

Down comforter is one of the popular options, which you can find anywhere online. These comforters are known for their better insulation, lightweight, and comfort. However, down comforters can cause allergies to you. 

If you are allergic and looking for safer options, then alternative down is the best choice for you. You can find different materials including cotton, silk, and wool, which will keep the risk of allergies minimum and provide excellent comfort to you. 

Know the fill power:

Fill power plays a crucial role in deciding the comfort of a comforter. The higher fill power means the warmer the comforter. A higher fill power comforter doesn’t mean you are getting a heavier one as compared to lower fill power. It decides the insulation and warmth. 

If you are looking for a fluffy, cozy, and warm comforter for your bed, then invest in a comforter with a fill power of 600 or higher. It will change your experience completely. 

Consider the construction:

The construction of a product decides the quality, durability, and comfort. How a comforter is designed can determine its longevity of the comforter. A reliable supplier like Jaipur Fabric provides complete construction details to the buyers including the type of material, thread count, fill power, and more. 

So, you can check out the construction process and material list to discover high-quality comforters for your bed and invest in a good one easily. 

Read the care label:

Reading the care label for a comforter is an essential step that you can never skip. A comforter can be used all around the year. So, you have to invest in the one, which you can clean easily. 

Avoid buying comforters that come with spot cleaning and dry cleaning as it becomes hard to keep these types of comforters clean regularly and you have to pay for cleaning. 

The machine wash comforters are also available in the market, which will make your cleaning job easier. However, read the care label properly to get your dream comforter and enjoy your experience. 

Choose a hypoallergenic material:

Are you allergic to different substances? Some comforters can cause you allergies. This is why you have to pick a hypoallergenic comforter to get relief from your annoying allergies and have a peaceful sleep every night

Cotton is one of the safest materials on the planet. So, you can also invest in cotton comforters to enjoy the coziness and warmth with hypoallergenic qualities. Plus, it is easy to care for and maintain cotton comforters as compared to other options. 


When it comes to buying bed comforters, every buyer has some quick questions in the mind. Here we have answered the top three most asked questions below that will also help you out. 

How much GSM is best for my comforter?

GSM also plays an essential role in the comforter. Get a comforter with GSM around 300-400. It is an ideal GSM for a fluffy comfprter, which will allow you to enjoy the coziness and warmth. Plus, it will also improve the insulation of your comforter and allow you to enjoy a soft touch. 

What are temperature ratings and what rating comforter should I get?

Yes, comforters are available with different temperature ratings. The temperature rating decides the comfort of a comforter in different temperature settings. The comforter can be used all around the year. So, there is no any specific temperature rating you need to consider. Get a fluffy, cozy, and durable comforter for your bed. It will work the best for you. 

What is fill power?

The fill power defines the number of cubic inches occupied by the filling. The higher fill power determines the high quality, comfort, and better insulation of a comforter. It will keep you warm and comfortable all the time. So, consider the fill power to invest in a good comforter. 

In the nutshell:

Jaipur Fabric is introducing a good range of bed comforters in the choices of materials, designs, and sizes. So, let’s pick the best comforter for your bed today to improve your comfort. Get a comforter that can keep you warm and comfortable all night and allow you to have a dreamy sleep without any disturbance. 


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