Best Home Furnishing Ideas to Beat the Scorching Heat This Summer

Posted on: April 27th, 2020 10:20 PM

Major parts of India are known for being hot and humid. It’s sweaty, sticky, humid, and unforgiving. It’s the most dreaded time of the year. There is no relief from the unyielding sun. Even when you are inside your homes, there is no running away from the heat; the inside of your house becomes a hot box, especially if you live on the top floor. We use the air conditioner like oxygen to keep our homes cool, but it heats the world outside. It not only drains your pocket but also harms the environment. 

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your home cool without hurting the world or your pocket. Here are some best home furnishing ideas that can help you beat the heat this summer.

Cross Ventilate
You can use your windows and doors to cross-ventilate. Cross ventilation lets the warm air flow out, allowing the cool air to enter, but timing plays a crucial role. This trick is ideal during the mornings and the evenings as the air during this time is cooler. However, during the hot sunny afternoons, it’s advisable to either draw the curtains close or to shut the windows and doors to avoid the outside heat from entering your home. 

Potted plants
When you have plants all around you, it’s always cooler. It soothes your mind and calms you as it purifies the air around you. The greens will not only calm your surroundings and but you as well. If you have flower pots, then your house will be filled with a soothing fragrance and beautiful colors. Tranquility and peace will automatically follow. 

Soothing colors
As we all know, light colors repel light and don't soak heat. It is, therefore, always best to fill your home with pastel or white colors while selecting fabric for your interiors. The lighter the color, the cooler your home will be. Choosing the right material and color is very important in keeping your home cool and beating the heat during summer.

When it comes to furniture and upholstery, we have some quick tips that you may find useful for that feel-good vibe in your sweet home:

  • Curtains: You can choose from a variety of sheers along with your curtains to allow the air to pass through without the dust and heat. It’s got an airy feel to it and also makes your interiors look beautiful. It will still give you the privacy you want at home. It will be versatile. Also, avoid using any dark colors and synthetic materials. Try using cotton as much as possible, as it will absorb less heat.
  • Floral prints: This may sound silly, but this actually works. When you have floral prints around your home, it gives you a fresh feeling. It lightens your mood and makes you feel happy. This will automatically cool you according to your surroundings, and the heat will evaporate with a happy self.
  • Cushions and couch covers: Buying the right cushion and couch cover is very vital in keeping your home cooler. The color combination needs to match your feelings as cushions are comforting. It’s the most hugged item in your house! So there should be no compromise.
  • Bed sheets: Well, as we all know that sleep is most vital to keep us healthy, happy, and cool. If we do not sleep well, then we cannot function well. If we do not function well, then we don’t feel well. The bed sheets should be made of naturally breathable material, like linen and cotton. For those who are sweaty sleepers, linen and cotton bed sheets are life saviors as they are best for absorbing sweat and also feel soft, cool, and comfortable.

Painting you home
This is a must if you want to beat the heat. Plain old white with the right interior decoration can have the most cooling effect. However, those who love color can use soft pastel colors as they are as very soothing. You can play with your walls to radiate less heat and keep your interiors cool and fresh.

Summer is a time when we all look at ways to cool ourselves and also our surroundings. Even though there are various ways to do so. Nothing can beat the heat like a healthy, colorful, tasty summery Indian drink. Keep yourself healthy by being well hydrated with nimbu pani, chaas, lassi, and many more.


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