Best Bedsheet Fabrics for Every Season Summer

Best Bedsheet Fabrics for Every Season Summer

Posted on: June 29th, 2021 11:29 AM

So, summer is already here and the days are longer than the nights. But the nights can be surprisingly longer if you keep tossing and turning in the bed till the wee hours of dawn. Won’t you agree? The soaring temperatures in summer are to blame for this apart from the fact that you might have some sleeping disorder. Sleep-related challenges are not uncommon given today’s fast-paced, and anxiety-ridden lifestyle. While you don’t have control over the temperature, you can certainly go for bedsheets and other bed linen accessories that will keep you calm, and cool in the scorching summers. With summer’s entry, the stack of duvets, quilts, comforters, and razais go into hiding in your bed linen closet. And, you switch them with comfy bed linen to beat the heat. If you are wondering what is the best sheet for summer, the response is cotton, and unarguably so. However, do you share a different opinion? Then, it’s time for you to swing towards cotton sheets, and we will help clue you in about the endless benefits of cotton bedsheets for summer.

High Absorbance and Breathability

Summer brings with it high temperatures, humid and stiff weather. And, if you are someone who sweats, then summers can be particularly unpleasant for you. After a day’s hard work, you would just want to fall face-first onto the bed and succumb to sleep, won’t that be a dream come true? But excessive sweating may make you itchy and irritated. Well, you can avoid this by opting for cotton bedsheets for summer. Cotton as a raw material for bed linen is known to be rich in absorbance properties. Premium-quality, pure cotton sheets come with sweat-wicking capabilities, so you may finally get that much-needed good night’s sleep. And, cotton is a highly breathable material that ensures proper airflow to your mattress.


Ever noticed the bed bugs and dust mites leering at you in the night from under your bed covers? Well, if you have not seen them, you would have most definitely felt their presence. Your bed is prone to collecting dust throughout the day and essential oils, and dead skin cells from your body in the night, which makes it a breeding ground for dust mites, bed bugs, and a host of other allergens. Worried? Wondering what is the best sheet for summer that can keep the allergens at bay? Well, cotton bedding linen comes at the top with flying colours. They have inherent hypoallergenic properties, which will help you wake up fresh and energetic in the mornings no matter how scorching the summery night is.

Insulating Properties

You might wonder why you would need insulation in the scorching summer. As much as you need the calming effect on summer nights, you don’t want to feel the chills due to an upturned AC temperature. Would you? Not really, right? Well, here also cotton sheets come in handy. They have heat insulation properties that will keep you cool in summers and warm in the winters.

Dirt Repellence

What more can you ask for than a tidied-up bed with necessary accessories for relishing in a night’s uninterrupted sleep? But would you enjoy the vibe if your bed sheets are coated with a layer of dust that will leave you all scratchy, and disgruntled? Cotton bed linen is known to repel dirt of any form in an effective way. So, you won’t have to worry about restful sleep seeming far-fetched.

Low-maintenance and Durable

It is a good practice to switch bed linen every other week or 10 days. And, the frequency might be more in the summer if you wish to feel a fresh, cool, and comfy sheet on your bed. Cotton sheets can be machine washed as many times as you need to. These are low-maintenance and durable and don’t lose either original attributes with multiple washes. Can you find anything better for summer? We hope you are nodding your accent! Now, the next question is where you can get premium cotton sheers. Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination to buy cotton bedsheets online. 100% pure, premium quality cotton bedsheets that are aesthetically pleasing, bear the rich cultural heritage of authentic Rajasthan are definitely delights that you can’t ignore. And, the best part is these are available online at Jaipur Fabric within reasonable price brackets. So, wait no more, get ready to welcome summer with some of the coolest cotton sheets, if not done already!


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