BedSheet Color Fastness

Posted on: June 2nd, 2019 02:29 PM

BedSheet Color Fastness

Why is the Color Fastness of a fabric so important ? and Why You should care about it while buying a bedsheet.

Colour fastness simply means the ability of the fabric to withstand the rigor of water, direct sunlight, wash, rub, humidity, perspiration and other chemicals which it is likely to come in contact with on a daily basis.

There are many reasona why the color fastness of the fabric can fail – mainly the use of chemicals when coloring, the process used to put color on the fabric, the temperature at which the fabric is treated while coloring, the thread count of the fabric, the thread itself, the dyes being used, the mix ratio of color with other cehmicals, exposure to various processes and their timings.

Apart from getting the above things right, the best result comes from being careful at the very first step itself, selecting and procuring the raw material, the raw cloth should undergo various steps before it gets loaded on to screens or get hand block printed. Raw cloth properly soaked, bathed, and properly sun-dried will give better results as compared to a raw fabric which gets used directy. Properly treated raw cloth takes time and is mostly avoided by many manufaturers, and this is the main differentiator of the end-pricing of the bedsheet.

If you want to ensure skin friendliness of the bedsheet it is always better to go with reputed brands where the same prodcuts appear a little more expensive then anywhere else. 


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