Bedroom trends 2022

Bedroom trends 2022 – the latest looks for a beautiful bedroom scheme

Posted on: September 1st, 2021 11:40 AM

A recent study has shown that more than 55% of the workforce are working from home, and 15% admitted that life in the bedrooms has turned into perfect spots for zoom sessions. The bedroom, which is one of those safe havens where you want to hit after hours of work, decorating them right is an overwhelming job. 

But because the bedroom is something about you or your preferences, it does not mean you shall keep it off trend. While you may want to keep it a little sassy, breathing new life from time to time into your happy place, cults your sanctuary a station to boost your energy. 

To gel up with the latest bedding trends, we asked several designers about the bedroom designs they think are set to soar in the years ahead, and here are the results.

Statement bed to cue your bedroom statement

A tall statement bed with tufting detailing is all you need to catch every eye on your style statement. This is one of the top-notch bedding decor ideas that you must pay attention to if you have not already. Your bed is the first thing you look to perk up your bereaved energy, and you can't go wrong with it. While, on the outer, it should be pleasurable to the eyes as well. Vibrant colors, striking patterns, and interesting shapes should be considered when curating bedroom ideas and choosing those statement beds for you.

Your master bed should be decorative yet snug at the same time. Striking rich velvets, luxurious and glamor curtains, and blinds and you all are ready to kick your mood to the curb. 

Boho-style decor picks the same unconventional principles. This year go crazy with cozy atmospheres of boho interiors, the layered eclecticism, and unconventional mix, and match with your bedroom. Boho bedding design ideas are all about homemade pieces such as macrame wall hangings, natural fiber rugs, wood furniture, low-level seating, upholstery that absolutely look stunning if you have a room with a neutral or muted base palette. If you look at bohemian interior designs, the one element they all have in common is that they all look inviting. Think of mixing every pattern, color, and texture and play with all those exotic shades in your bedroom.  

Use the ethnic headboard for the bed

When it comes to buying a headboard for your bed, picking up the right combination is important. It is a long-term investment and you may not want to end up being awry in your style pickups. If your room has enough spacing, get your bed the largest size headboard. Use bold colors and patterns and go mix and match with a headboard and wallpaper or throw, to curate a boutique-hotel look for your bedroom. Pick a more outlandish style to envy your friends and colleagues this visit. 

Bring the warmth of nature to your bedroom

We know how lockdown has restricted us to four walls. So, how about being in colorful and naturally looking walls around you. Would not this be one of the key bedding ideas that will make our home confinement more favourable? If you are a nature lover, you can actually frame your walls or highlight the views of your windows by adding floral and nature wallpapers to introduce a touch of greenery. Researchers say that letting your eyes witness green color more can actually lift your mood instantly and bring peace to the chaotic mind. Use green and pale yellow color wallpapers behind the complement of the trees outside the windows. 

Go with bright colors this season

If you are one of those people who love to play with dark colors, then royal or navy blue are erratic and classic choices for your bedroom. You can team blue with a white traditional accent and chalky greys and taupe or use metallics in between to ooze out those color combos. Or if you want to go for a more funky theme around you, go for an extra lavish blue velvet rug teamed up with a statement velvet chair. 

Matching wall lights to perk up the entire look

Matching bedside wall lights is a contemporary idea to upside your bedroom look this season. It is an elegant way to style the light in your bedroom differently. Bold lampshades have been in use for a long, but the old-age design trends have paved a way back. To add a resplendent look to your bedroom, go for lightning in the part of the room, which is narrower, to add width. Choose wall lights or tiltable recessed spotlights to allow light to stream upwards so that it works on a low ceiling wall. 

Why Jaipur Fabric

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