Bedroom Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

Bedroom Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

Posted on: August 25th, 2021 10:24 AM

Given today’s fast-paced, hectic schedules, sedentary lifestyle choices, and a plethora of whatnots, stress seems to be our common companion. While for some work-related woos keep them stressed throughout the day, and till the wee hours of the morning, for some anxiety, and stress can be associated with taking care of family, children, education, etc. While there is not much we can do to erase the stress marks, our bedrooms can prove to be safe havens for us at the end of the day! Here are some quick stress relief tips that will help you sleep better, and wake up fresh, and energetic. Check out them, try them on your own, and thank us later! 

Set Up the Right Bedroom Environment 

While we don’t have much control over the external environment, and its factors, we can surely regulate the environment and the vibe it’s supposed to set out in the bedroom. While darkness is necessary at night to help you succumb to the lull of sleep, the contrast holds true in the daytime. Yes, you guessed it right. Let as much natural light as possible throughout the day to your bedroom. Natural sunlight is known to help limit bacterial growth in the bedroom while improving mental wellness indicators. This is one of the vital stress reliefs in bedroom aspects to be counted in.

Keep the windows, and doors open in the daytime to allow sunlight to pierce through. Try the bedroom decor to be in alignment with this to make the most.

Carefully Opt for the Colour Scheme

You might be wondering how stress is related to colours. Well, the interrelation is quite an eye-opener for most of us. Painting your bedroom’s wall in neutral shades such as white, baby blue, or pink, and other pastel shades can help you achieve the desired effect. These colours tend to imbibe natural lighting and amplify the effect. Several studies have cited that blue among other colours have the potential to foster a stress-free, peaceful, and serene environment in our most intimate sanctuaries, our bedrooms.

The bed takes precedence in the entire bedroom decor and furnishing. While we are talking colour schemes here, opt to get premium quality bed sheets in the aforementioned colour schemes. This will help you wind down after a hectic day at work and give in to the relish that comes with a restful night’s sleep.

While buying bed sheets online, do check for the colour palette, as well as other key factors such as fabric type, thread count, etc. If you are eyeing to leave the tossing-and-turning throughout the night behind, premium cotton bedsheets from Jaipur Fabric are your best bet. These are not only made from the most natural fibres but also represent the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of India in flying colours.

Go Minimalistic

Wondering how to reduce stress and sleep better? What’s your bedroom scene? Does it look heavily cluttered with clothes, and other articles lying around? Does your bedroom include a lot of furniture, which limits the absorption of natural light, and wind? Time to declutter your bedroom to destress. Opt for a minimalistic, and neutral decor in soothing shades to promote the sense of tranquillity in the bedroom.

Opt for Quality Bed Linen

There is no denying that a soft, cozy bed is our way to embrace sleep. But a lot goes into making our beds that comfy, won’t you agree. From bedsheets to pillows to duvets, comforters, or quilts to mattress protectors, a lot of essentials have to be taken care of to promote stress-free bedroom vibes. And, Jaipur Fabric is your ultimate destination for the bed linen shopping spree within affordable price brackets.

Try Houseplants

Detoxification is essential to keep anxiety, and stress at bay. And, certain types of houseplants can lend you a helping hand in achieving the same. Succulents are your best bet as they are less maintenance types.  


Having some calming effect is essential to fall asleep easily. You can try some aromatherapy candles with premium essential oils before bedtime.

Parting Thoughts

While this article has been all about stress relief tips, there is no harm in indulging yourself in some bedroom aesthetic decor essentials. Check out the massive collection of bedsheets, dohars, comforters, quilts, etc. You are assured premium quality products at unbeatable prices!  


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