Patchwork Wall Hanging

Beautifying the Wall of Living Room with Patchwork Wall Hanging

Posted on: May 31st, 2017 02:38 PM

Patchwork is not just about joining pieces of fabrics together or cutting them into shapes and sewing together. It is more of an artistic presentation making the product aesthetically wonderful. Each masterpiece has its style statement  and holds power to beautify any wall. And when it is the matter of a living room, creating impress on the guests is mandatory. After all, it reflects the class and choice of substance. Isn’t it? Definitely, you would be glad on receiving accolades from the people coming home. Who doesn’t love to flaunt their distinctive choices? In today’s world of interiors, style matters the most and being attractive is mandatory.

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Wall hangings artistically magnified with patchwork are simply beautiful. They are meant to be a masterpiece developed from evenly cut fabric pieces. Some of the designs reflect an ideal combination of printed as well as contrast shaded plain fabric joined together or embroidered as well as printed fabrics stitched together stylishly. At some points the joints in such a patchwork is artistically adorned by gota work to cover-up the stitches. These types of wall hangings are manufactured in basic shapes like that of circle, square or rectangular. The beauty of the living room can be enhanced with them by placing it on the right wall.

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By right wall, it means that the plain shaded one should be selected. Willing to create a wholesome effect in the living room? Go for a wall hanging having patchwork similar to the shades of walls or a slight contrast. Be sure that a complete contrast needs to be avoidable as it will not offer a comprehensive look. And of course, you would not like to see a wall hanging as a part disturbing element in the living room. Have you ever thought as to patchwork has come from which part of the world? It is certainly Indian by heart and Rajasthani by nature. Rustic and stylish together has added to its ever growing reputation on the global front.

When it comes to positioning such wall hangings in the living room; one can select from smaller to bigger size too. If the larger one is your choice, place it in the middle of the wall. Do not forget to measure the proper points. Slightest of mismatch will not give desired results. On the other hand, the smaller sizes of the wall hanging offer an ample choice to the home owner in the matter of its positioning. They can be either placed at regular intervals, slightly up and down or positioned on the corners of the wall easily visible. In the second option, the middle of the wall can have a slightly bigger size of the same smaller size wall hangings positioned on the corners. These are some of the spectacular ideas of placing Rajasthani Patchwork wall Hangings on the block and get a wonderful look for sure 


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