Beautify Your Home to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi 2020

Posted on: August 30th, 2019 05:50 PM

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most significant celebrations of Hindus, that is praised crosswise over India. The celebration denotes the birth commemoration of Lord Ganesha as people welcome the divinity home. This year the festival is celebrated from September 2 to September 11, and the preparations for it have already begun. The festival is celebrated across the country, but the enthusiasm is way higher in homes in Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai. Here we bring some unique ideas which can assist you with decorating home, just before you bring the Lord Vinayaka/ Ganesha & celebrate this festival with enthusiasm:-

  1. Colorful Rangoli - If we can decorate tables and walls for the Lord, why not try some creativity on the floor as well. Rangoli’s are the best always. Making lovely craftsmanship with colored sand and upgrading it with candles or diya's are the best. You can also use rose petals or any flower petals to beautify the floor in front of your pandal. One can make a vivid Rangoli at the doorstep to include oomph.
  2. Flowers - There could likely be nothing superior to flowers to enhance your home for this propitious event. Choose from a variety of fresh and pure flowers of different colors and arrange them in beautiful patterns. The orchid flowers are durable and have a life expectancy of 7 days. As the flowers look classy already, the flower installation will please Lord Ganesha and the guests too.
  3. Hang Decorative Items - Hang some fancy and beautiful sarees or dupattas vertically behind the Ganpati idol to create the look of scalloped curtains. On this devotive occasion, people hang ‘torans’ made up of Ashoka or Mango leaves &  marigold flowers or other decorative materials on the front door. You could either choose to drape the entire door or the ones that need to be hanged at the corners of the door. Ensure the shades of the window hangings and drapes you are utilizing go with the topic and make the background of the idol surprisingly better.
  4. Coloured Paper and mirror - Paper origami and specialty is something everybody selects nowadays and is the most ordinary approach to glitz up your day. Paper flowers can be made of colored paper in different sizes and almost cover up the entire wall. Other than flowers, you can also make shapes like fans, circular and half-circular pinwheels, etc. in bright hues and paste them on the back wall of the pandal.
  5. Decorative Candles, Lamps & Diyas - Decorate the entire home with earthen lights and candles to finish your designs and lighten your pooja room. The table lamps in the shape of Ganesha is an interesting idea to add the flavor of festivities to decorate home.

Once you have done with your decorations now, it’s time to bring Ganesha at home. Do not forget to lighten the incenses sticks for the delighting fragrance to build a spiritual and pure atmosphere. Now you are surely done with an excellent set-up to invite Lord Ganesha home.


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