Beautiful Peacock Motifs That Will Make Your Bedsheets Steal the Show

Posted on: July 30th, 2021 11:27 AM

Imagine this situation: you return home after a long day at home, all stressed and tired from your work, and in need of an ultimate relaxing time. So, what is the best way to achieve so? We are sure that your answer will be to lie down in your bed, whether it is to watch some tv, read a book, catch up with your partner, or simply just to lie on it. However, let us ask you another question, are you sure that your bedsheets are comfortable enough?

Well, your bedsheets do not only need to be of the absolute best quality, but they also have to be attractive enough, since your bed is the central piece of furniture in your entire room. Hence, it is important to put extra attention to the design of your bedsheet, and the material it comes in so that the pattern does not fade away any time soon. When it comes to art designs, there is no comparison to traditional Indian peacock designs. But how well will it go with your bed sheet?

 Let’s talk about a few ideas:

1. The Twill Cotton Bedsheet with a Dancing Peacock Pattern:

If you are in search of a traditional art décor that also has the capability to add a cultural taste to your bedroom, then this bed sheet is the go-to option for you! Make sure that you revamp the entire décor of your bedroom by adding up a splash of colors with the astonishingly designed dancing peacock on the cotton twill cotton bedsheet.

It is not a very uncommon fact that when it comes to Indian artworks, the peacock patterns and designs have successfully occupied a very special position for ages, whether it is in a traditional jewelry design, or in a piece of fabric.

The traditional print of a peacock with a dash of eye catchy and vibrant colors will not only add an extra layer of elegance to your bedroom but will also give a fresh look.

2.The Double Cotton Bedsheet Set With A Peacock Print And A Natural Earth Brown Colour:

Jaipur Fabric has brought to all its customers a range of exclusively handcrafted cotton bed sheets of premium quality with an eye-catching peacock design, that is guaranteed to bring you the greatest sleeping experience. This bedsheet has a classic traditional Rajasthani design printed on vibrant and bright color, and also comes with a pair of matching pillowcases, making the overall set an absolute must-have in your bedroom!

This peacock print bedsheet is specifically handmade, as well as designed with special care so that you can unlock the next level of warmth and comfort you have never experienced before.

So, what makes this cotton bedsheet so soft and smooth and worthy of your bed? We say it is due to its superb quality material that is made up of 100 percent genuine twill cotton. It has a GSM of 153, along with a thread count of 240, making it neither too thin, nor too coarse.

However, make sure that you do not use a strong detergent powder or bleach to wash your bedsheet so that the vibrant colors do not fade away any time soon, and the quality of the material remains great for a long time! Add this new ravishing and attractive design to your collection and live every single day of your life fashionably and comfortably!

3. The Blue Ajrak Cotton Double Bedsheet With A Peacock Print:

The high-quality cotton bedsheet with a traditional Rajasthani peacock art material makes sure that the interiors of your bedroom not only look all the more sophisticated but also cozy and royal. And the best part, this fine piece of artwork on the bedsheet will blend with the rest of your room seamlessly, no matter what the theme or color of the room is.

When you buy this bed sheet package, you do not only get a premium quality bedsheet, but you will also get a set of 2 matching pillow covers along with it, making this traditional peacock print bedsheet set an absolutely necessary element in your collection!

Make sure that you will spend the nights of many upcoming years having a peaceful and sound sleep with these beautiful and high–quality handmade bedsheets with the astonishing peacock print and vibrant colors!

4. Dabu Print Cotton Bed Sheet With A Peacock Print:

It is time to drape your bed and change the outlook of your entire room with this elegant and exquisite bed sheet. Being crafted and handmade with the utmost care from the finest cotton material, it has a design of a dancing peacock that stands out from a background of hand block print, making the bed sheet stand out from any other bed sheet in the lot. The prints are from an indigenous Dabu print, giving it a unique outlook, with an overall background of a bright floral-themed pattern.

A border with a double edge with an attractive contrast hue runs through all four corners of the bedsheet, hence giving it a look of a frame that borders the rest of this stylish bed sheet. And the best part? This bed sheet combo comes along with matching pillow covers so that you do not have to go through the hassle of buying covers, yet your entire bed setup looks absolutely attention-grabbing.

Weaved from a premium quality cotton material, this bedsheet has a thread count of 240. Thread count is basically the total number of vertical and horizontal threads running per square inch of the bedsheet.

 Final Words

It is no secret that your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your entire home, and the bed, the soul of your bedroom. Make sure that you put the extra care while shopping for bed sheets, and make every sleep the best part of your day!


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