All You Need to Know About Storing Your Comforter

All You Need to Know About Storing Your Comforter

Posted on: June 17th, 2021 11:17 AM

Aren’t comforters our best companion in the chilly winters, moderate springs as well as mild climates? Wouldn’t we absolutely love to get under those fluffy layers to keep ourselves warm, comfy, and cozy? And, this is the very reason we would not hesitate to spend a pretty penny while buying comforters online. And, thus, it is essential to pay attention to comforter storage so that our cold companions remain fluffy, odourless, and sustainable for years to come. 

Are you wondering how to store comforters? We will be helping you with some of the top-notch comforter storage tips. 

Make the most of your linen closet

Don’t have enough linen closet space and wondering how to store comforters in small spaces? Well, there is not much flexibility in expanding your linen closet space; however, you can maximize the utility of the space available. Yes, you may start with properly folding your comforters so that they take up less space. When it comes to folding your comforters, the task might not be as easy as you would prefer. Sometimes they are too bulky to be folded and so you may consider rolling them into a bundle and stacking them neatly on the shelf. This way you may stack up multiple comforters without aggravating the compression. 

Here are a few tips.

  • Opt for vacuum bags to store the comforters, especially the ones made of cotton, wool, or synthetic materials. This will prevent dust accumulation on the comforters. If you have a feather-down comforter then consider leaving a bit of air in the vacuum bag before sealing it. 

  • Have you got a few bulkier comforters? Then consider placing the heavier ones at the bottom of the stack to prevent further compression. 

  • Mothballs are the go-to options for preventing damage to your clothes. But they might not be beneficial for your comforters. So, instead of mothballs, consider using cedar-lined chests or cedar chips. 

  • If you wish to keep your comforter fresh even after months of storage, opt for the DIY odour absorbers. A few drops of your favourite essential oil and a pinch of baking soda will do just fine. 

Avoid damp storage

Are you wondering how to store comforters without a closet? Well, a clean, dry, and damp-free storage space will prove right. Try to avoid storing your comforters in humid areas of your home such as the basement, or the basement at all conditions if you don’t wish them to perish on their own. 

Make sure your storage unit is climate controlled and there is proper ventilation. If you are short of spaces, under the bed will be an alternate storage space to keep your comforters safe, and comfy. If you are opting for your attic to be the storage unit for your comforters, make sure to keep a healthy bout of air inflow at all times. You may also leverage your multi-purpose furniture such as ottomans, under-the-shelf baskets, etc. to put away your comforters. 

If you are still wondering how to store comforters, do keep reading! 

Breathability is the key

Do you absolutely adore the carefully picked comforters online? Then, you would wish to store them appropriately to keep them by your side for years to come. And, breathability is the key here. 

A massive storage space that is damp-free, and breathable, your comforters are going to love it. But what if you don’t have enough space and are wondering how to store comforters in small places? Avoid plastic storage bags at all conditions as they tend to trap the moisture inside and your comforters will be at the risk of getting damp, and becoming breeding grounds for dust mites, bugs, and other allergens. Cotton storage bags are your best bet if you are wondering how to store comforters without a closet as these will keep the dust, and bugs at bay and at the same time will allow the comforters to remain breathable. 

If you have an open space, you can leverage hangers to put away your comforters. This is the best way to utilize the space judiciously, and by hanging your comforters will be at the receiving end of proper airflow. 

If you are wondering how to store throw blankets in the living room, try leveraging acid-free storage boxes as well as multi-purpose furniture in the living room such as undershelf storage and ottomans. 

Launder the comforters appropriately

If you are putting away your comforters in the rainy season to be brought out in the winter months, you may just dust and fluff them and store them in a dry place. However, if you are putting away your comforters for a long time, laundering them is the best way. Consider washing them in cold water on a delicate cycle, take them out after the drying cycle immediately and hang them in the open air to let them dry naturally. Avoid storing away your comforters when they are still damp. 


What is the best way to store a comforter?

The best way to store a comforter is to launder it properly, and then store it in a humid-free, dry, and clean space. You may also opt to store them away in your linen closet, wrapping them with vacuum bags or using acid-free storage boxes. 

How do you fold and store a comforter?

Folding a comforter might lead to the formation of creases or may be difficult if the comforter is too bulky. The best way is to roll them into a bundle and tie with a ribbon and then stack them away. Avoid putting bulky stuff above your comforters to prevent compression. 

Why do blankets smell after storage?

Dust accumulation and humidity are the key reasons for comforters to exude a smelly odour after storage. The solution is to keep humidity at bay and opt for odour absorbers, DIY or over-the-counter ones. 


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