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All you need to Know About Jaipuri Quilts/ Razai

Posted on: January 29th, 2021 12:28 PM

Quilts, referred to as Razais in Hindi, are an indispensable element in the Winter as everyone seeks out a comfy and warm night’s sleep. Razais are evidently popular across the Indian cities and thus are available in a plethora of variations. However, Jaipuri Razais remain the topmost choice. True to its name, Jaipur Razais are crafted by world-renowned artisans from the history-rich city, essentially referred to as the Pink City of India, Jaipur. The craftsmanship, rich, and vibrant colours as well as the quality of these Razais are sure to leave everyone mesmerized. 

What is Jaipuri Razai

Jaipuri Razais are the quilts handmade by the local artisans from Jaipur, who are world-famous for bringing ethnicity, and quilt design together. These screen-printed or block-printed quilts are loved by customers in India and overseas alike due to the exceptional warmth, and comfort they offer. If you are looking to refurbish your bedding essentials this winter, don’t look beyond the aesthetically-rich Jaipuri Razais. You can also find a vibrant yet cost-effective collection of Jaipuri Razais online from some of the trusted brands and eCommerce platforms.

How is Jaipur Razai made?

The essential advantages of Jaipuri quilts are common knowledge and most might have experienced their warmth also. Here is a quick overview of the Jaipuri quilt making process that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Razais or quilts are everyone’s favourite during the winter months and the preferences may vary from individual to individual. So, what makes Jaipuri Razais so popular? These quilts are hand printed and stitched by the local artisans, which brings out the rich ethnicity of Indian culture and heritage in the quilt designs.

Screen and Block Printing:

Jaipuri quilts are world-famous and the prints and designs are unarguably the catalysts behind them. Before initiating the quilt design process, the artisans do decide upon a specific design for the quilt from varied choices such as Sanganeri print, Mughal prints. Once the print is decided, a suitable method of printing is undertaken, either screen printing or block printing, which are manually performed.

Cotton Carding:

Have you experienced the warmth and comfort of Jaipuri quilts? Have you ever wondered the reason behind them? Well, it’s the top-notch cotton fabric used in these quilts making. Artisans leverage cotton carding, a procedure that prepares cotton to be used as a filling in the quilts that involves two convex paddles equipped with small teeth, also known as cotton carders. The cotton fibers are placed onto one of the carders while the other is drawn across the face of the first one multiple times to position both these carders as horizontal and vertical to extract the cotton waste. Only soft and fine cotton fibers are derived with this cotton carding process, which takes about a full week’s time.

Cotton Voile Spreading:

Low-cost quilts often tend to lose their shape and strength over a period of time; the cotton fibers used in the layering may get accumulated at one place and disrupt the overall shape and finesse of the quilt. Rest assured, with Jaipuri Raizais you are sure not to encounter such hurdles. These quilts are crafted by layering and evenly distributing the cotton fibers and wrapping them up with cotton voiles, lightweight yet gauzy cotton fabrics that have a silky soft surface.

Hand Stitching:

Several quilt manufacturers opt for machine-stitching as it saves a lot of costs, resources, and manpower and up to a certain extent, it’s scalable as well. At the same time, Jaipuri artisans choose to stick to their age-old hand stitching methodologies to retain their craftsmanship and ethnic heritage. They invest time in properly hand stitching the quilts to ensure the body heat is retained, which makes the Jaipuri quilt everyone's numero uno choice.    


Jaipuri Razais are widely popular for their warmth and comfort and thus find massive demand in the Winter season and across Indian cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, and mostly north Indian cities where low-temperature is a common occurrence for the most part of the year. These razais can also be effectively used in moderate-temperature localities to stay cozy during a good night’s sleep.

How to wash Jaipur Razai at home

When it comes to washing or cleaning razais or quilts, several questions pop up. Some are even apprehensive to clean these quilts for the fear that the quilts will lose their shape and elegance. Well, put your worries to an end. Jaipuri Razais are made from high-quality cotton fabric and thus are easily washable at home. Feel free to opt for either hand wash or machine wash based on your preference. However, be gentle while washing and drying to ensure the delicateness of these quilts is retained.


Still, weighing your options between Jaipuri Razais and other options? Here are some key and impeccable features of Jaipuri Razais.

·       These quilts are made from high-quality, fine cotton fabric and thus offer a great deal of warmth and comfort

·       These are super-soft and cozy and not to forget lightweight. These can be easily packed up in a bag or trolley and are portable.

·       Jaipuri quilts are hand printed and stitched by local artisans of Jaipur and thus are available in a wide assortment

·       These quilts are reversible as both sides of the quilt have unique designs and prints. So, feel free to experience two designs in one quilt with Jaipuri Razais online.


You will find a wide collection of Jaipuri Razais both online and offline. Be sure and judicious while making the purchase. For authentic, premium quality Jaipuri Razais online, do browse through the exquisite collection at Jaipur Fabric.


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