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A Quick Guide on Floral Welcome of the Summer

Posted on: May 24th, 2021 04:26 PM


As the famous adage goes “change is the only constant”, mother nature never fails to remind us of the same. Seasons, the way they make their subtle appearances and then exit with grace, is one of the best natural phenomenons that reminds us to welcome the change with vigour and an open mind. While some may love the chilly winters, some may lean towards the pittering-pattering rainy season, and at the same time, some might be looking forward to the warm summer months. There is more than one reason to look forward to the summers. Won’t you agree? And, one best aspect that makes summers to look forward to is the idea of rehashing your home decor. 

After chilling winters, the Summer season brings a breath of fresh air for us. We can be out and about in the community without being worried about chilling ourselves. It’s indeed the best time for kids as they are relishing their vacation. And, Summer brings the need to refurbish the home decor for a brighter and refreshing appearance. And, flowers and floral patterns, of course, take the centre stage in all these decor changes. In this blog, we will cover how to offer a floral welcome to the Summer. 

Floral Welcome for Summer

Like other seasons, summer comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages too. While the sunny weather, the dry environment may best suit for being out and about in the community, the humidity in the air, scorching heat throughout the day might be off-putting for many. The nights are especially challenging with sleep-related issues wherein you might keep tossing and turning and the restful night’s sleep may appear far-fetched. You might end up waking up all sweaty and clammy in the middle of the night and even have issues drifting away to sleep quite easily due to the humid weather. 

When you think of the summer season, the one thing that comes to mind is flowers, which represent freshness, fragrance, and breathability. Flowers have the inherent potential to bring a soothing aura to any room, especially the bedroom. While you can always opt to get fresh flowers each morning to retain the sense of freshness in your home, opting for floral patterns in home decor essentials will also add to the look, and feel. Floral prints are indeed the go-to decorating option adding a homely touch of warmth and comfort to the interior. Subtle, pastel shades, or bright, loud colours, whatever may be your home decor preference, never fail to turn your bedroom into a haven full of life, and calm tranquility with floral patterns. These also tend to compensate for the other home decor glitches and accentuate the aesthetic elegance immensely. 

Home Decor Essentials in their Floral Hues

Planning to refurbish your bed linen wardrobe this summer? Are you weighing your options regarding some of the viable choices that you may gather online? If comfort is your first preference in summer but at the same time you don’t want to compromise on the home decor aesthetic quotient? Well, floral patterned bed sheets, floral dohars, intricately decorated floral wallpapers are your go-to options! 

If you are planning to freshen up your bedroom decor, and vibe, opt for floral print bedsheets as an ode to the departing spring, and already-there summer! The vibrant floral printed bed sheets are crafted to enhance the aesthetic elegance of your bedroom. They play a crucial part in helping you create a haven for you to relax and unwind at the end of the day. 

You can find single floral print bed sheets online at Jaipur Fabric with Sangneri patterns made from pure cotton with a 240 thread count. They are handmade by the Rajasthani artisans to offer you a soothing experience from the scorching heat. Get ready to bid goodbye to the restless nights of tossing, and turning over the bed, and get ready to bask in a breathtaking experience both in terms of decor, and comfortable sleep. These bed sheets usually are available in the dimension of 173 cm x 244 cm and will fit your single or twin bed without any hassle of untucked corners, or misalignment. You can also find premium floral double bed sheets online available in the dimensions of 270 cm * 220 cm. 

Floral Dohars

Why limit your floral decor ideas only to bed linen? You can find an exquisite range of dohars, blankets, quilts, and comforters with delicate and awe-inspiring floral patterns to get ready for the Summer. Dohras for summer, isn’t it a confusing combo? Well, let’s clue you in. Remember waking up feeling chilled due to AC in the middle of the night? Well, as soon as summer makes its presence felt, most of us turn our ACs on to get a soothing night’s sleep. However, being chilled does not really help. So, keep a floral dohar handy during the night to chase away the chills should that be needed. 

Floral-printed Wallpapers

Floral-printed wallpapers are the most common options you may opt for adding a floral touch to your home, especially your bedroom. You can find an extensive range of home decor essentials online, from simplified floral motifs to intricately crafted ones.

So, wait no more, get ready to grab great deals online only at Jaipur Fabric! 


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