Right Bedding for Kid’s Room

A Mommy’s Guide for Choosing the Right Bedding for Kid’s Room

Posted on: March 22nd, 2022 10:51 AM

A night of peaceful sleep is equally essential for the well-being of adults as well as kids. An invigorating sleep will restore the energy of your kid for a new day along with contributing to healthy growth. 

Did you know that growth hormones peak at night? The right amount of sleep promotes the secretion of growth hormones and you will notice the positive results in your child’s overall physical and mental growth. The disturbance in sleep can reverse the process and reduce the secretion of growth hormones. 

How you can promote good sleep for your kids? Yes, bedtime stories can help you in sending your little ones into the world of dreams. However, you have to remove the items that can cause discomfort. 

Bedding is one of the important elements of a kid’s room that decide the quality of sleep. Parents are often mistaken to buy sheets printed with cartoon characters and avoid considering the material completely. 

A poor quality bedsheet will not only cause disturbance in the sleep, but it can also risk the health of your darling kid. So, you have to start with replacing the bedding. 

Here we have shared a mommy’s guide below for finding a perfect bed sheet for a kid’s room that will help you in picking the right set of sheets. 

1. Get a breathable bed sheet:

The breathable bed sheet allows little ones to have a peaceful sleep without any discomfort. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen improve the airflow in the bed, which will absorb the sweat quickly and allow your baby’s skin to breathe. 

The sweat can give your child rashes and skin issues. So, a breathable bed sheet will not only improve the comfort of your kid but will also help you in preventing skin issues like rashes and redness.  

2. Easy to clean:

Cleaning a kid’s room is one of the tiring tasks. The children always create a mess with everything. So, you have to get ready to remove different types of stains from the bedding. Choose a bed sheet that comes with easy cleaning instructions. 

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are super easy to clean and you can directly send them to your washing machine. An easy cleaning procedure will help you in maintaining the bedding of your kid’s room easily and removing the stains effortlessly. 

3. Good fibers:

A good fiber can serve different purposes instead of comfort. Every thread has some special qualities. The cotton material is one of the conventional sheet fibers that is widely accepted as the most comfortable year-round fabric. The linen is widely popular for it’s over the decade of durability. 

So, when you are shopping for your kid’s bedding, give attention to the good fibers. Get a bed sheet that is made of natural fibers with a decent thread count to enjoy the invincible comfort and durability. 

4. Beat the heat:

Can you sleep in a heated bed? Some fancy bed sheets fail to maintain the airflow in the bed to reduce the heat in the hot summers. A breathable and light bed sheet will increase the airflow in the bed and keep the bed cool for a peaceful night. 

The small air passages never block the flow of the fresh air and regulate the heat in the bed. Natural materials like cotton always promote the airflow in the bed and help with beating the heat in the summers. 

5. Full of life:

The children are always full of life. So, is it okay to get a lifeless bed sheet for their room? Don’t stick with the rules of buying pink bedding for your baby girl and a blue bed sheet for your baby boy. This is the time to break the norms and introduce every color to your kid. 

The Sanganeri bedsheet might be a good option for you. It comes with the fusion of lively colors that showcase the artwork. You will find some lively prints of flowers, leaves, and animals that will help you in decorating your kid’s room full of life. 

6. A perfect size:

Say a big “NO” to large size bed sheets especially when it comes to your kid’s room. Yes, you can easily work with a large size bed sheet in your bedroom. But, remember kids are always curious, messy, and super active. 

You need to get a bed sheet that is perfect for your kid’s bed. So, you can simply tuck the bed sheet in and keep the bed tidy and clean for a long time. Moreover, oversized bedding will also ruin the elegance of your kid’s room and make it look smaller.

7. Strength:

If your kid is a little “kung fu panda”, who fights in bed, then you have to test the strength of the bedsheet to ensure durability. You can simply consider the thread count to identify the strength of a bedsheet. Ranging from 300-700 is an ideal thread count that you can choose. 

Besides thread counts, that type of material also decides the strength of the bedding. If you are looking for the most durable natural fabrics, then you can go with everyone’s favorite cotton and linen without thinking twice. 

8. Gentle: 

Get a soft and gentle bed sheet for your kid. So, they can spend a peaceful night of sleep. Parents often purchase the bedding imprinted with famous cartoon characters without considering the comfort of the kids. Yes, the fancy bed sheets can make your kid’s like a Disney room, but the sharp prints can also cause discomfort to your darling child. 

Let’s stop this nonsense and buy some bed sheets that are free from plastic paints and chemicals. A soft and gentle bed sheet will get your child asleep in no time. 

In the nutshell:

Buy the right bedding for your kid’s room by considering this checklist. You can end your research at Jaipur Fabric as they have an amazing range of bedding for everyone at the best price range. 


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