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A Complete Overview of World-Famous Jaipur Quilts

Posted on: December 29th, 2020 11:02 AM

Previously, quilts were rather used to protect oneself from the bone-chilling cold. But as fashion evolved and stepped into every field, even the quilts became the highlight of the room. Talking about the quilts, then it’s hard not to talk about the world-famous Jaipur quilts. They are opted for by people who prefer classy over modern, everyday changing taste.

Who knew this piece of cloth would serve more than just providing warmth in winter evenings? Now, quilts have added more to their definition. They add beauty, color, and reflect the true essence of the tradition as represented by Jaipur Rajai.

Jaipur Razai is a popular choice in Asia, especially in India, where it originated. But with the increasing appreciation of different cultures everywhere, people worldwide are appreciating Jaipur quilts. This is because they are unique in their way; they are decorative, and most importantly, a winter essential.

How Can A Jaipur Quilt Be Used?


  1. The winters are getting prolonged and colder, all blame to the climate change, but since we have to adjust, Jaipur Razai has become a perfect choice. The filling of the Jaipur Rajai is usually from thermal bonding fiber that keeps your bed, and you warm as soon as you take it over you. Unlike any other cotton comforters, Jaipur quilts don’t take long to get warm, and that’s why they are always a number one choice in winters.
  2. They add beauty and color. A white, bland room can be instantly enhanced by adding a colorful Jaipur quilt. They are decorative, festive, and fancy. They go well with lighter-toned rooms and are quick to grab anyone’s attention.
  3. They are perfect to be gifted. Usually, it is gifted to a daughter when she is getting married as a present to be used by her later.
  4. They are often considered an investment. A good Jaipur Rajai will last you forever. It is often remarked as an excellent choice of spending money as it pays back with its durability and longevity without losing its charm.

Jaipur Fabric- Your First Priority


We at Jaipur fabric are sixth generation Quilt Makers and we provide you with an extensive range of Jaipur quilts. With competitive prices and various on-going offers, limited Jaipur Razai has its fan base all over the world. You can choose from multiple Jaipur Rajai in different colors, sizes, and styles as per your room requirements.

Not only do we deal in bedroom-sized quilts but also offer comforters in multicolor; they are super soft and equally warm.

From our range of Jaipur Razai, we have different materials used in various quilts to bring you an option so that you have a wide range to choose from. The best one’s being Velvet Quilts (Shaneel Rajai) and Pure Cotton Quilts with thermal bonding fibre fillings. 

Our Top Picks for You:

1.  Velvet Cloth Double Bed Quilt JaipuriRazai Dark Brown ShaneelRajai by Jaipur Fabric

This velvet quilt cover is very cozy and warm and looks elegant in the room—the perfect choice for winters. The dark color matches the hues of winters.

2. Patchwork AC Quilt/Blanket Soft Designer Double Bed - Multicolor (Multi)

This quilt has a colorful cover. If you prefer to add color to your dull, chilly winters, this Jaipur Rajai can lift your mood.

Bottom Line


We at Jaipur fabric deals with double bed, single bed, and kids quilt. We have a wide range of dark-themed and colorful Jaipur Razai. Not sure who to trust with your quilts?

Buy AUTHENTIC & GENUINE Jaipur Quilts right from their ORIGINAL SOURCE

(Beware of cheap imitators)

Visit us online at www.JaipurFabric.com ; and buy with confidence !


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