9 Throw Cushion Covers Every Home Needs

Posted on: July 24th, 2019 02:31 PM

We are sure by now you are aware that pillows are an instant way to change the vibe of your room.  They don’t just save time but also don’t ask for a lot of investments. But there are times when you cannot schedule to shop for the covers, and hence, we have listed out basic pillow covers you should have at your home so that you can switch it up whenever you wish to and redecorate your home.

1. Stripes to match your vibes

You can never go wrong with stripes. A classic striped throw cushion cover lends a dimension and texture to the room. They are a perfect combination when you want to opt for something bold, but not so bold. You can try stripes with white color, this will soothe out the overall vibe of the room.

2. Basic light and dark covers 

Replacing your cushion covers with some basic color is a clever way to breathe in new air in your room. You can opt for basic white or some dark ones. If your room is radiating way too light, neutralize it with black covers. If you don’t want to go for basics, you can opt for some textured covers.

3. Velvet

Adding velvet cushion covers is the best way to spice up things in the room. It adds elegance with a touch of modernization in the room. It is a perfect way to cozy up the room in winters.

4. Faux fur

Nothing livens up a place as faux furs do. If you want to go bold with bright prints or opt for some neutral shade, faux fur covers will add comfort and luxury to your room. You can never go wrong with these covers, no matter what time of year it is.

5. Jute covers

Jute cushion covers are always a good choice for a sunroom or space with a nautical theme. They change the feel of the room instantly and uplift the décor. 

6. Go colorful 

For the days when you are planning to go a little extra, opt for colorful cushion cover options.  They will radiate new energy in the room, and of course, will match your mood. 

7. Linen

Linen cushion covers are a staple in any room. Because of its light fabric, it is easy to be styled. And since it is so widely popular you can find endless prints and patterns for it.

8. Silk 

The best way to bring in royalty in the room is to bring in silk. Whether your room is casual or formal you cannot go wrong with silk. You can shop online Jaipuri cushion covers.

9. Patterned

Bringing in a pattern is a way to elevate your room's feel. The choice of patterns completely depends on your room and your taste. It keeps the room visually appealing. A little bit of pattern is all you need to fill in the gaps in your room.

So, these were a few cushion covers you can opt for to accentuate your room. Every mood calls for a different décor, and opting for a range of cushion covers is one inexpensive idea for the same.


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