8 Enlightened Facts You Didn’t Know About Bed Sheets

Posted on: March 14th, 2022 11:27 AM

Did you know that humans spend 1/3 part of their life in bed? Quality sleep can affect every part of your day. It can effortlessly turn you into a more productive and energetic person. 

We all want a comfy bed after an exhausting day to relax our mind and body. In the desire for a comfy bed, people spend millions of dollars on purchasing expensive mattresses and pillows. However, the comfort is always incomplete without the right pair of bed sheets. 

Surprisingly, the bedsheet can affect the comfort of your bed. No matter how much you spend on your mattress. If you failed to find the right bed sheet for your bed, then you can never experience the comfort you are looking for. 

The market is flooded with a variety of options for bed sheets. You will find cotton double bedsheet, silk bedding, and linen single bed sheet. You will find a huge range of fabrics, colors, patterns, and prices when it comes to buying a bed sheet. 

When we talk about the Indian market for purchasing a bedsheet, you will find a price range of 300 to 2000-3000 Rs. So, you can get bedding according to your needs and budget simply. 

If you are looking for a hotel-like comfort at home, then you have to spend a little time in research to find the right bedding for your home. You will find hundreds of blogs on the web, which will tell you some rules and checklists to follow for choosing the right bedding that you’ve already known. 

However, here we are sharing some bed sheet facts that you didn’t know or you don’t pay attention to. 

1.  Thread count V/s thread length:

You can identify the quality of fabric by touching it when you are buying a bedsheet from the local market. However, if you are an online shopper, then you have to give attention to the thread count and thread length of the bed sheet. 

The thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads present in one square inch of a bed sheet. You can examine the quality of the bed sheet by thread count and get a decent quality. 

2.  Meaningful print and patterns:

When you are spending good money on purchasing bed sheets, buy meaningful prints that define your lifestyle. The Jaipuri bedsheet introduces some ancient artwork including Katha work, patchwork, dabu, tie-dye, and Sanganeri prints. 

Besides following the trends, create a collection of artistic bed sheets that will never go out of trend even after a decade. So, you can use them on every occasion and get an appreciation of your guests. 

3.  Premium quality cotton:

The label of a bed sheet provides important information including pricing, material, and washing instructions. You will find a wide range of cotton bed sheets at a surprising price in different stores. 

Cotton is one of the highly suitable materials, which allow people to bring them comfort in bed and enjoy a peaceful sleep. Not every cotton-labeled bedsheet can provide the comfort you are looking for. 

Find a manufacturer that can provide premium quality cotton to you. So, you can enjoy the real benefits of cotton material. 

4.  The actual size of bed sheet:

You will find different categories when it comes to choosing the size for a bed sheet including single bedsheet, queen size bed sheet, and king size bed sheet. These are the few commonly available categories for the bedding that you will find on a website. 

Instead of picking a bedsheet by category, identify the actual size of the sheets available in the numbers. The calculated size of a king-size bed sheet can be different for every brand. So, pay attention to the inches of the bedding to get a perfect size. 

5.  Weight:

Weight is also one of the important factors that people commonly avoid considering when it comes to buying a bed sheet. The weight of the bed sheet determines the thickness and warmth. Plus, it will also help you in getting quality bedding for you. 

Cotton is one of the lightweight materials that you will find in the world of bed sheets. The cotton bed sheets are always lightweight as compared to other materials and provide suitable comfort in every season. So, you can use the weight of the bed sheet to identify the quality and type of the sheets. 

6.  Finish:

How you can judge the finish of a bed sheet when you are shopping online? People often receive a completely different item at home, which is one of the biggest disappointments of online shopping. 

Well, learning this trick will never ruin the fun of online shopping for you. If you want to identify the finish of the bedding, then consider the type of material, waves and prints, and patterns. 

The material and waves will help you in identifying the texture of the bedding. Plus, you can choose block prints instead of embroidery to get more finish in the bedding. 


Washing secrets:

Do you expect longevity from your expensive bed sheet? If yes, then start spending more time reading the washing secrets. A responsible manufacturer like Jaipur Fabric always attaches the washing instructions with the label that will help you in adjusting the right settings of your washer. 

You can’t wash some materials in cold water and some materials in hot water as it can affect the actual quality of the product. So, find out the cleaning method for a bed sheet that you like to decide whether you are ready for all the struggles or not. 

8. Hidden materials: 

Surprisingly, the cotton-labeled bed sheet can include some toxic materials that can harm your skin. Some manufacturers add some chemicals to increase the durability of the shine of the sheets to attract the attention of buyers. 

Check the additional materials or warning labels on the site before buying a bed sheet for you. So, you can avoid the harsh chemicals and get green and safe bedding for your home.


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