7 Tips to Celebrate Lord Krishna Janmashtami Festival at Home 2020

Posted on: August 23rd, 2019 03:12 PM

Janmashtami is celebrated on the occasion of Birth of Lord Krishna in most part of India. The celebration of Janmashtami is done on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of ‘Bhadra’ (usually in August).


This auspicious occasion is eagerly awaited by all, and as the occasion time comes closer excitement level increases.


There are many ways to decorate your home on this Janmashtami and that’s what we would be discussing in this blog.

Let’s start with amazing decorations for the Janmashtami festival.


1.     Start with basic home cleaning 

First start your Janmashtami decoration with cleanliness. Clean the entire home then give a makeover to your bedrooms by ordering printed double bed sheets and colorful printed designer curtains that match with your wall color.


2.     Decorative Lights 

Decorate the puja room with colorful lights and bells.


3.     Display favorite items of Lord Krishna

 Decorate your puja room with well-decorated flute and a peacock’s feather.


4.     Bhajana

Select a playlist full of bhajana and kirtanas for Lord Krishna. The background bhajana will add holy ambiance.


5.     Make Rangoli

Rangoli creation is part of Hindu’s traditional culture. So, for Janmashtami decoration, make an eye-catching Rangoli at the entrance of your home and at the entrance of puja room. You can use bright colours and flowers.


6.     Add diyas and candles

Diyas & Candles are part of traditional Hindu culture. These diyas and candles will add an aesthetic touch to your home.


7.     Puja offerings

 Make special puja ki thali including fruits, buttermilk ghee and butter and offer bhog to Lord Krishna. Reason being Lord Krishna loves all these milk products.

Closing Words

Hope you loved the decoration ideas to celebrate Janmashtami. There are lots of other ways as well to decorate and celebrate Janmashtami at your home. The decoration is part of every festival including Janmashtami. But along with that, ensure you have faith in almighty and stay connected all the time. These auspicious festive days bring happiness and fill up the home with positive vibes.


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