7 Essentials for Creating A Welcoming Guest Room

7 Essentials for Creating A Welcoming Guest Room

Posted on: March 25th, 2021 12:01 PM

When you visit any of your relatives, friends, or peers, you wish to feel welcomed into their homes no matter how brief your stay is. The same goes for your guests too! In this blog, we have jotted down some of the best practices, essentials for creating a welcoming guest room! Let’s get started.

When you are refurbishing your home, the guest room might not be at the top of your list. Chances are there you might be visiting that room in the least bit possible, and you might not be entertaining guests much frequently throughout the year. Still, the guest room is an essential part of your home, and thus deserves the requisite attention, and styling to make your occasional guests feel at home!

So, apart from delightful hospitality, how can you make your guests feel welcomed at your home? We will let you in on the secret – furnish your guest room with these essentials that will make their stay memorable, and comfy.

A Cozy Bed

No matter how short your guests are at your home, they will need to unwind after a day’s endeavors. Furnishing your guest home with a full-size or king-size bed will instantly make your guests feel comfortable. Despite the chances of minimal usage, invest judiciously in the right mattress for your guest bed. You surely don’t want your guests to stay up the entire or complaining about backache and other sleep-related challenges.

Well, don’t just stop there! Decorate your bed with some of the exquisite range of premium bed sheets, matching pillow covers. Layer up the bed in your guest room as much as you want, especially, if you are planning to have guests over in the wintry months. They will surely thank you for the thoughtfulness.

Comforters/ Dohars/Quilts

Carefully arrange some comforters/dohars/quilts/blankets on the guest room bed based on the season. Quilts can be used throughout the year as it keeps your guests comfy in bed. Besides, they add a sense of style, and elegance to the bed, which becomes instantly encouraging. Comforters, and Dohars are best suited for more chilly weather; stock your guest room with ample of them to help your guests beat away the chilly weather.


Curtains are essential not only for offering privacy but also to take the décor of the room up by several notches. So, why should your guest room be an exception? Strategically place the curtains to allow enough sun rays, and wind to the room. You can place curtains on the windows to complement the décor and aesthetics of the guest room. With this, you are sure to leave your guests awestruck!

Couches/Diwan/Sofa Sets

There is a common notion that sofa sets or diwans are living room furniture. Well, they can be installed in your guest room as well. While beds can be used for sleeping purposes, with couches, a diwan, or a sofa, you can allow your guests to lounge on them. This is far more comforting than using the bed for everything, and this will make them instantly feel at ease. Well, just placing the furniture in the guest room is not enough; take your time in finding some stylish yet comfy couch, diwan or sofa covers to make the room more intriguing.

Make these furniture look more inviting by placing throw pillows, cushions, etc. When it comes to cushions, you can get as creative as you wish for acing the perfect guest room look. Chuck the conventional square-shaped cushions; instead go for round ones to achieve the chic bohemian look. Your guests are going to enjoy their stay with you with these thoughtful endeavors.

Other Essentials

Adding just furniture to your guest room is necessary but not enough. Add a touch of personalization by including certain crucial articles in the room. Clueless? We have got your back! A clock, a mirror, a bed-side lamp, some candles, a trashcan, luggage racks with ample hangers are some of the must-have essentials for your guest room. Because your guests are going to need these things. So, be prepared, and don’t let them feel the need to ask for them. While we are talking about personalization, you may include a welcome mat or some kind of decorative arrangement in the room or on the bed to make your guests spellbound.

Parting Thought

You may say the bottom line or the rule of thumb – make your guests feel welcome in your home is a rewarding experience. With this blog, you have got an idea now to prepare your checklist. As far as checklists go, you will find most of these guest room décor essentials online at Jaipur Fabric. You will have an exquisite range of products to compliment your taste in fashion, and interior, and of course at unbeatable prices. Get started now!  


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