7 disastrous mistakes that are affecting your comforter's life

7 disastrous mistakes that are affecting your comforter's life

Posted on: October 22nd, 2022 11:27 AM

With the winter season approaching, this is the time when we like to snug into the comforters and sip our favorite espresso! Isn't it? This very season tests us and our assets too. Comforters, quilts, and blankets are our assets for winter, which calls for utmost care.

A comforter for winter is something that we invest in every year. Instead, it's a one-time investment. Thus, we must ensure buying only the best. Here are a few tips to help you land the best comforter per your needs and requirements.

Thread count up to 400:

Little do we know that the concept of thread count is a bit deceiving. A thread count is the number of threads knitted per square inch. It helps determine the softness and durability of the comforter. Some brands try to deceive you by showing thread counts up to 1000. Well, for sound sleep, a comforter with a thread count of up to 400 is the best.

Lightweight comforters are the best:

We often fool ourselves into the weight, but it should not be the case. Imagine suppressing your body with heavy comforters. Well, comforters will lose their purpose. So, give your body enough warmth with lightweight comforters from good brands.

Amount of fill power:

A comforter's fill power describes how much stuffing it contains; more extraordinary fill powers denote more filling and a warmer blanket. Simply choosing the highest fill power will make you too hot and prevent you from falling asleep at night, even though you desire a comforter with a high enough fill power and volume. It would help if you also consider the fill volume, the amount of space an ounce of a material like a down or a down substitute occupies.

Now that you know how to spot the well-constructed and comfy comforter. Well, it's time to avoid some usual mistakes affecting the comforters' life. We wish to acquaint you with the key points to increase the durability of a comforter.

1. Heavy comforters do not promise more comfort:

The biggest mistake we make while selecting a comforter is that we intuitively prefer a heavier comforter over the lighter one. We evaluate that the weight of the comforter is equally proportional to the comfort. However, it is not valid. Heavy comforters would overweight your body and be discomforting, while a lightweight comforter is more likely to offer you a comfortable wrap. Now the call is yours.

2. Not relying on care labels:

Each human is a perfectionist in his perspective. This concludes that they know everything. When it comes to cleaning the comforters, most individuals do not even bother about the care label instructions. These instructions help you allocate the best practices using which you can get a clean comforter.

3. Falling for flashy designs:

At times, the buyer fools himself by falling for flashy designs of the covers. It is something that he regrets later. Never ever, even if you are buying a comforter online, get duped by the flashy designs. It is very well said that not all that glitters is gold. So, the critical learning here is we need to dive into more technicalities than just depending on the designs.

4. Improper cleaning before and after use:

More often than not, we notice that we fold a comforter and put it back in the closet post-using. After that, the second time, we bring out the same comforter to snug in. But what about its cleaning? That's something we omit, for we are all afraid that over-cleaning may lead the comforter to wear out. Nevertheless, the chances of a comforter wearing out is equal when you do not clean it properly before and after use.

5. Getting just anything home without assessing its value:

I bet it has happened to all of us, especially in the case of high-end brands, that we bring home a product relying on the brand's goodwill and later repent upon that. This does not mean that all the brands are alike, but one in the hundreds can be deceiving. Thus, for every customer, no matter what you buy, evaluate the product's value. Shop wisely by digging deep into the pros and cons. It will help you allocate the right product for you.

6. Using harsh chemicals for cleaning:

Frequent use of toxic chemicals for cleaning comforters harms the comforter and the person using that very comforter. Wrapping these bleached comforters severely affects your skin's health. Plus, it weakens the knit of the comforter too. Thereby, a chemically cleaned comforter is neither skin-friendly nor comforter-friendly.

7. Cleaning comforters too frequently:

It is true that for cleaning a comforter, we cannot depend on water. Even if you are using a mild cleanser, there are chances that the comforter may get old. Further, if you intake the practice of frequent cleaning, you are affecting the life of that comforter. To improve durability, one should avoid regular cleaning and seek better alternatives.

The Final Words:

We hope through this article, we helped you determine the best practices that you can intake while dealing with a comforter. Though nothing lasts forever, but we can most certainly look for methods we can do to prolong the tenure of a comforter. For a wide variety of comforters online, scroll down the large assortment of comforters on Jaipur Fabric. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a comforter?

A comforter is a two-layered sheet/ wrap that has a filling of fiber. They are constructed in such a way that it does not feel heavy on the body.

2. In what sizes can we buy comforters online?

Double bed comforter (i.e., a full-size comforter)

Single bed comforter

King-size comforter

Queen-size comforter

3. Do I have to send the comforters for dry cleaning every time?

If you want the comforter to retain its freshness and warmth, it is highly recommended to get the dry cleaning done when the comforter is unclean.

4. What is the meaning of fill volume?

Loft, or fluff, is measured using fill power. It tests by calculating how much space 1 oz of down occupies, which is the ultimate test of quality. The fill power increases as the area occupied increases. A higher fill power for a given amount of warmth will result in a lighter, more fluffy blanket.

5. In how many days can I return/ replace the product if found dissatisfactory?

We work intensely on customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, if you still find the product dissatisfactory, Jaipur Fabric has a seven days (seven) return policy.


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