7 Amazing Golden Themed Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Posted on: August 21st, 2021 04:39 PM

Rakshabandhan, a Hindu festival celebrated annually on Rakhi Purnima in the Hindu lunar month of Shravan, celebrating a brother-sister relationship. Historically, Rani Karnavati of Chittor is said to have sent a Raksha “Protection" and Bandhan “a bond/ agreement”, symbolised by a “Rakhi”, to Mughal Emperor Humayun when her kingdom was attacked by the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah. The Mughal emperor set aside all enmity to help the queen as a brother, though it was too late as the queen committed Sati. Thus began this festival. This ritual, though traditionally maintained between a brother and a sister, has nowadays not only extended amongst same gender siblings but also extended to people of other faiths too. It celebrates assurance, endurance, care, compassion, empathy, protection and assurance. To mark the reverence, the sister ties a talisman on the brother’s right hand and the brother showers love, care and endurance by presenting gifts to his sister.

Let’s celebrate this year with the thankfulness of being together amid this pandemic with a golden themed Rakshabandhan. The same way people take utmost care in handling gold, which is considered to be pious, pure, eternal and rare, which is passed down the generations as an asset. Though not everything can be made or replaced with pure gold, a few below mentioned ideas shall definitely make one feel special.

Gift of Gold

It is said “for every occasion there is gold", it is not only one of the best forms of gifting as it adds value to one’s personal asset. Wearable options for men range from Gold amulets secured by silk threads, to bracelet or a gold kada that can be wore as an everyday look. As for women, options are aplenty - from pendants, bangles, chains, wristlets, earrings, bracelets, fingerings, the list seems endless. Though pricey, there are a lot of options available to suit every pocket. Options can also be considered to religious figurines of dieties, gold spoons, bowls and plates, which also become a beautiful addition to the prayer room.

Gold Themed Bed Linen

Refurbishment of his / her room is also a great way of feeling royal. Given that a bed is one of the main features in a bedroom and that it also defines the personality living in that room, here’s a chance to give it a makeover. The options with respect to colour, print or pattern type, weave, fabric, prints are in plenty to choose from. As it is bound to differ on personal taste, a few styles as mentioned below may help conceptualize the idea.

·        Cream Gothic prints in grey on Soft Golden base

·        A Matt cream base with glazy gold flower prints, the cream-gold combinations is very elegant.

·        Golden Jacquard patterns on beige cotton base.

·        Steel grey base with jacquard golden gothic patterns or motifs

·        Bedsheets with golden traditional motif print 

·        Golden or rusted gold velvet Bedsheets that can also be used as a Bedspreads

·        Different Hues of Monochromatic Gold brought together in a mix and match geometric pattern in Tencel fabric Bedsheets

·        Satin jacquard bedsheets.

·        Silk bedsheets in golden hue with hand printed motifs

·        Bronze coloured Tencel bedsheets, comforters and duvets.

Gold Themed Room Accessories

A few accessorizing ideas to dazzle up the room are

·        Sequined Silk Bed runner in rich magenta base embroidered and sequined heavily that can be laid down at the foot of the bed complete with golden thread tassels.

·        A quilt of mix and match bold colours with kantha stich using golden threads can add a statement to the bedroom.

·        Contrasting pillow covers and throws in gold contrasting with other warm shades of red.

·        Golden curtains either in sheen, jacquard or matt finish

·        Golden rice lights or star lights

·        Candles

Golden Clothing

Golden colour adds sparkle to one’s personality. Women love clothes. A sea of options is available whether in terms of Indian wear or western wear. Creativity in clothing cannot be contained in a few words, it’s creative art of mixing and matching weaves, fabrics, patterns, stiching style to get the final outfit. Indian wear like Saree, Lehenga, Choli, Skirt, Dress, Designer kurti, jacket, trouser, stole, dress material etc may be weaved, embellished, embroidered, zaridar, thread stitched, printed, appliqued, etc. or the fabric can be of Satin, Chiffon, Silk - Chanderi, Kanjivaram, Banarsi, Netweave like organza, Jamdani dhakai. Etc. There are also different types of fabric selection available in varied glaze for western wear too.

Golden Utensils (Bronze / Kansa Utensils)

Brassware has gold sheen and has been used extensively since ages for cooking and eating meals, as they aid in immunity and health. Till date they are preferred for any auspicious occasions in many cultures. A delicious meal laid out in brass crockery is an excellent idea to try this Raksha Bandhan. Similarly hand molded figurines either of religious deities or home decorative products can also be looked for.

Gold Themed Upholstery and Accessories

Refurbishing the living room in golden theme is a great idea. Apart from introducing furnishings in yellow, beige, oak color that represent the aura of gold, Upholstery can be accessorized to glam up the look. Heavily gold sequined cushion along with other deep matt shade cushions can change the perspective of the living room. Or gold embroidered motifs on fuchsia or magenta silk cushion covers are a statement in itself. Also, a maroon velvet bolster with threadwork complete with tassels is a brilliant way to deck up the living room. Chandelier table lamps, Andra leather crafted floor lamps or for that matter a chandelier depending on the ceiling size with beige lighting are beautiful ways to dole up the golden look.


Artefacts denote creative workmanship of skilled craftsmen, our historical lineage. For example, Tarkashi woodwork - Handcrafted, intricate geometric patterns made in wood and inlaid with brass, copper, or silver wires. A decorative jewellery box, a checkered chessboard, a coffee tabletop, a side tabletop, a decorative tray, tabletop.

Another artifact form is from Eastern India - Dhokra, non-ferrous figurines casted using ancient wax casting, to decorate the living room. A penstand, figurines of God and Goddesses, artifacts, key holder, Mohenjo-Daro type figurines, etc. are exquisite ways to add panache to the living room.

Hope these ideas assist you to organize this year’s Rakshabandhan with great elan and can be memorabilia in the years to come.


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