5 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

5 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Dussehra

Posted on: November 6th, 2020 10:25 AM

Dussehra is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil when Lord Rama returned to his hometown after killing Ravana. The festival is all about filling the house with fresh energy. With Dussehra just around the corner, it is the right time to revamp your house and get it ready for the festive season. Even though cleaning and redecorating the house is always fun, it can also be heavy on the pockets. But, the truth is that you do not need expert help to redecorate your abode. Here are a few Dussehra decoration ideas that will allow you to make beautiful memories with your loved ones – 

Clean and Declutter the House

The first thing you need to do before you can start Dasara festival decoration at your home is to sort through all your belongings and get rid of the things you do not need. It will not only help reduce clutter but also help make space for new things in your house. It is best to create a room-by-room cleaning plan as it makes the process much simpler and more thorough. But, remember, just decluttering is not enough. Once you remove and rearrange things around the house, it is best to clean every surface of the house immaculately. Dusting and tidying up the entire house will make it look flawless before you start Dasara decorations at home. Remember, clean homes give out positive energies and the right vibes for the festive season.

Decorate the Entrance with Colorful Rangolis and Flower Garlands

Rangolis are part of Hindu culture and is a symbol of happiness and celebration. It is an age-old tradition, but people across India create extraordinary rangolis during the festivals. You can create rangolis in your courtyard, living room, or your home temple. Make sure to choose a spot with care so that people do not trample it. Use the perfect combination of designs, patterns, and colors to make the rangoli look well-designed and artistic. You can even add embroidery stones, diyas, and flowers to make your rangoli design even more special. Another Dussehra decoration idea for the home is arranging flower garlands at the home’s entrance to add to the festive look. There are plenty of ideas for flower decoration at home for pooja online that you can take advantage of.

Brighten up Your Living room with Colorful Accessories 

Simple living room accessories can make a huge difference to the overall décor of the house. Using accessories is the most inexpensive way to freshen up a look. Since it is not possible to change the sofa set every year, you can spruce up your sofa set with new sofa covers from Jaipur Fabric. You can choose from a variety of different designs to fit the style of your living room during Dussehra. Adding a mix of stylish and decorative cushions in varying widths, heights, and styles can also make your space cozy and inviting. Invest in high-quality cushion covers such as from Jaipur Fabric for an instant room refresh. Even using lighter and brighten color scheme curtains from Jaipur Fabric can add affordable elegance to your home. 

Redefine the Bedroom with Stylish Bedsheets

Dussehra is the perfect time to use traditional bedsheets in your bedrooms. But tradition doesn’t have to be boring. Jaipur Fabric has a huge collection of stylish and elegant bedsheets that will add a traditional look to your house during the festive season. You can choose from different colors, prints, and patterns to match the bedroom walls, furniture in the room, and the décor style you like. The equal borders, neat edges, and even stitches make these bedsheets look luxurious. Whether you are looking for king size bedsheets for the master bedroom or a double bedsheet for the guest room, you will be spoilt for choices at Jaipur Fabric.

Decorate the House with Diyas

Dussehra decoration is incomplete without diyas. The soft glow of the diyas adds a touch of warmth and gentleness to the ambiance of the house. Diyas are a symbol of joy and prosperity at home. You can get colorful and stylish diyas and candles in different shapes, colors, and sizes from the local market. If you get just plain earthen diyas, you can easily paint them with colors of your choice at home. Lay them around the house, such as on window sills, at the entrance, and others. If you are not so keen on earthen diyas, you can purchase LED candles, electrical or battery lamps that are wax-free and environment friendly as well.  

Using these simple tips can help you prepare your home for Dussehra and spend a pleasant and clutter-free festival with your family and friends. 


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