5 Things You Don’t Know About Bed sheets

5 Things You Do not Know About Bed sheets [Important For New Buyers]

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 10:56 AM

What do you notice in whenever you surf the internet to buy bedsheets for your home?

What are the factors you consider before paying for a bed sheet?

Well, these are the most important questions that you must answer wisely. You are either buying from a local retailer or you are placing an order online, you must have the basic knowledge about bed sheets. It’s because today there are countless fraud retailers and insecure online portals that can commit the best quality but deliver you a product you purchased without judgment.

So, below are 5 things about bedsheets that you don’t have knowledge about.

Thread Count vs Thread Length: You might be judging the quality of a bedsheet by taking it in your hands, but technically the quality is determined by the thread count. Thread count can be defined as the number of horizontal and vertical threads present in one square inch of the bedsheet. The thread count is considered as the barometer that determines the durability and smoothness of the bed sheet.

Maroon Border Cream Base With Small Maroon And Black Checks Bagru Print Cotton Double Bedsheet

The thread length is also important as the longer the thread, the higher the quality of the cotton used. Bother the parameters must be observed correctly.

Best Quality Cotton: This seems to be a bit confusing for new buyers. Generally, people used to consider only the term “100% cotton” and finalize the bed sheet. But do you know that there are different types of cotton that are used to make bed sheets? The best quality cotton that is famous all over the globe is Egyptian cotton. After Egyptian cotton comes the Pima cotton.

Navy Bluecreame Base With Rangoli And Gamala Printin Designer Pattern Fine Cotton Poplin Double Bedsheet With Two Pillow

The Egyptian cotton thread is longer in length and its products are thin but strong and durable. The cotton that you generally see on the tags as “100% cotton” is none other than American upland cotton. It is widely used because of being inexpensive.

Print / Pattern Matters: Whatever the print or pattern you see vary with one another. For e.g. Katha print, Sanganeri print, Bagru print, etc is highly famous in Rajasthan. Bandhej pattern, 3D pattern are some of the famous patterns that you can visualize on the bedsheets. You must have the basic knowledge about them before you can buy bedsheets online and decorate your living room.

Brown Border Cream Base Leaf Pigment Cotton Satin Hand Block Double Bedsheet

Size: Till now, you were buying a bed sheet for your bedroom on the basis of supposed size. But you should know that there are different types of bedsheets based on their size. On the basis of size, they are names as Single, double, queen, king size bedsheets. So, from now onwards, wherever you start your purchasing, note down the exact measurement of your bed so that you can find the best fit bedsheet for it. This helps you to get rid of compromising with an inappropriate sized product.

Maroon Border Golden Barat In Rectangle Pattern Super Fine Cotton Double Bedsheet

So, next time you surf the internet to buy a bedsheet and decorate your home with the perfect match, always consider the above-stated points. It will help you to not only get the perfect product but will also save your money.

Your money needs to be invested on the right product.


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