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5 Rules To Gift A Couple This Wedding Season

Posted on: November 16th, 2016 11:33 AM

Not sure what to gift the soon to be married? November is the most popular month to have a wedding. During this busy season of nuptials, you may not be invited to one wedding, but rather several. With all of this wedding invitation, it can mean you a lot of gifts to buy. At every wedding you attend as a wedding guest, you are inevitably faced with the old question: what should give. To find the answer, first, you must know the rules of giving gifts to your loved ones. Here are some rules:

Buy From Their Registry- Don’t be so much creative. 85% of the bride wants you to buy the wedding gift from their wedding registry list. And 98% of the brides have at least one registry list either on the web or in a store. Look online to see where the couple is registered. 4 in 10 couples have the wedding website that links to their online registry. By allowing guest to access registry online, many retailers make shopping more convenient. Or you can just head to the store to purchase in person.  Couples set up a registry for the reason and if you stick to it, you will be aware of what not to buy and you can’t possibly buy a gift that they won’t like.

Don’t Spend Less Than $50- It’s not to pay as price per plate as a measure for how much you should spend on the wedding gift. Think of about the relationship between the couple, and then spend money. Co-worker or friend may accept any kind of gift that you give but for the wedding, it’s important to think of double. you should aim for:

  1. For distant family friends and coworkers: $50-$75

  2. Relative or friends- $75-$100

  3. Close relative or close friend-$100-$150

  4. Urbanite-$150- 200+

Entertaining, Bed, Kitchen and Bath Gift a Must- On the traditional wedding gift, today’s couple want a modern twist, even though some of the most coveted gifts still hail from the kitchen, dining, bedding and bath departments. For deluxe bedding and bath give them gifts them gifts that will create a spa-like, hotel environment every morning when they wake up. In terms of entertainment everyday affairs are big for brides, so gift them set dishes and stainless flatware that can be dressed for up for dinner with the boss. You can also choose state of the art kitchen gear, gadgets and cookwares that look as good on the counter.

Group Gifts- As per the survey it is found that couples mostly like big-ticket items purchased by the group of their friends. As they can’t afford those luxuries of their own. Ask some other gifts to chip in with you. It’s also a good idea for the bride to band together.

Must Buy Within Two Months- Try to send gifts within two months of the wedding? They won’t want to lug it around and could get damaged during the night?

This wedding season brings a smile on faces and make an unforgettable function for your loved ones.


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