5 Reasons To Invest In Jaipuri Bedsheets At Least Once

Posted on: February 28th, 2022 12:52 PM

Jaipur- the pink city, is the land of great craftsmen and weavers. This place is widely acknowledged for iridescent designs on a variety of things. As a land of rulers, it has witnessed many dynasties flourish and perish. With each lineage, there came a distinct pattern. Through the passing years, the city preserved its heritage. Today, there are a plethora of designs, patterns, and techniques to beautify things. This takes us on a journey of printing on fabrics of any kind. A bedsheet is a mere piece of cloth that may/may not have some design on it. Rajasthani print is popular all across the globe with the word of mouth. The amalgamation of vibrant colors and authentic Rajasthani designs is priceless. Since we all drool over the renowned Jaipuri bedsheets, here are a few points to elevate your temptation. This blog focuses on 5 reasons to invest in Jaipuri bedsheets at least once.

Why should we invest in Jaipuri Bedsheet at least once?

We are well aware that ages back when the world functioned without technology, people were dependent on their skills. These skills would prove to be the bread earner for the family. One such skill was printing on clothes. This skill introduced people to the art of bedsheet printing. Hand block printing and screen printing are two of the most popular ways of printing in Rajasthan. Here’s why we should invest in Jaipuri Bedsheet at least once.

Hand Block Printing

Hand block printing is an artistic and time-consuming process of printing on fabric. The craftsmen use their prowess and inscribe designs on the sheet. They do not use any automation or technology. The process of hand block printing takes place manually. Artisans from different parts of Rajasthan put their hearts and souls into making one bedsheet. A bed sheet that has hand block printing on it costs a little higher in comparison to a normally printed cotton bedsheet. There are innumerable inspirations that we encounter on the bedsheet in the form of patterns. Weavers try to embed their stories by doing hand block printing.

Handcraft and Craftsmanship

Jaipur is well known for handicraft products. It is a junction where people labor for months and years just to develop one art on the piece of fabric. Unlike machine-produced art, handcraft designs appear more visually appealing. It is because of the effort that the craftsmen put into it. While producing a design, the craftsman cannot undertake any other project. His undeterred focus is visible on the handcrafted bed sheet that you buy. They may be expensive but the price is worth the effort. When an artisan is developing a design on the bedsheet, he carves the authenticity into it.

The fabric of the bedsheet

We are well acquainted with the fact that Jaipuri bedsheets have heavy designs on them. Thus, they do not go with any random fabric. A high-quality clothing material that withstands the pressure put the design on it. Alongside this, the pure cotton bedsheets by Jaipur Fabric are worth investing in. A bed sheet that has Jaipuri print on it would feel luxurious. These bedsheets are soft, comfortable, and easy to maintain. However, in order to maintain the durability of the bedspread, follow the care label rules.

Bespoke patterns

The Jaipuri bedsheets reflect a wide range of bespoke patterns. Multiple intrinsic designs that boast of a story certainly add a feather to the beauty of the sheet. Wonder how empirical it would look, when one such bedsheet spreads on your bed. The royal Rajasthan feels would contribute towards the aura. As soon as the bedsheet covers the bed, it does justice to the ambiance of the room. Generally, people love to own Jaipuri bed sheets because of the vibrant colors and flawless motifs. These sheets have raised the bar and looking at them, you can tell why you should have it.

Designer bedsheets collection

Do you know what is the beauty of a Jaipuri bed linen? Its vivid designs. Buying a Jaipuri print bed sheet would add to your bedspread collection. In our Jaipuri cotton bed linens, we have a beautiful choice of designs. The exquisite design collection will astound you, as we have a wide range of designs in our spectacular array of Jaipuri cotton bed linens. You should invest to have a lot of options to choose from depending on your preferences. Make sure you have a lot of options to select from, which you can only do if you go to the Jaipur to Home online store. There are numerous options accessible, and you can choose a valuable product that meets your preferences.


Hope you found the blog informative. Our aim here was to tell you about the 5 reasons to invest in Jaipuri bedsheets at least once. Jaipur Fabric is a one-stop destination for a variety of bedsheets. From modern to ethnic, cotton to synthetic, we have a humongous collection of sheets that would suffice your needs. Alongside this, you can easily spot the unique Jaipuri artwork which will be available at pocket-friendly rates.


1.   What is the quality of a Jaipuri bedsheet?
A Jaipuri bedsheet is exceptionally beautiful. It has different patterns and motifs on it. It is popular worldwide for its beauty. The vibrant colors and intricate designs are the supreme qualities of a Jaipuri bedsheet.

2.  What is the fabric of a Jaipuri bedsheet?

There are different types of fabrics in which we can find a Jaipuri bedsheet. Nevertheless, a pure cotton bedsheet looks wonderful. The different kinds of bedsheets that Jaipur Fabric offers are the Sanganeri bedsheet, ethnic work, silk bedsheet, tie-dye bedsheet, etc.

3.   In which sizes are the Jaipuri bedsheets available?

We have all the sizes of bed sheets available. In the segment of Jaipuri bedsheets, you can get single bedsheet size, double bedsheet size, king size, and queen size bed sheets. As well as we have a separate segment of baby-size bedsheets too. So, we have the sizes for each one of you.


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