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15 Best Home Décor Gifts for Your Sibling This Raksha bandhan

Posted on: July 28th, 2020 05:32 PM

Raksha bandhan,  a day where a sister binds a beautifully decorated piece of beautified holy thread, amulet or a talisman better known as “rakhi” to a brother’s wrist, supposedly for his protection and in exchange she receives a gift with gratitude and love. Raksha bandhan is celebrated on the last day of the Hindu month, Shravaan, which generally falls during the month of August. The word Raksha bandhan is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean the "bond of protection," and this tradition of tying the holy thread or amulet is followed in a few countries in the Indian sub-continent like India and Nepal.

However, with changing times, the ritual has become more symbolic than the ancient times, but the emotion behind the tradition still runs very deep and strong among the people, hence, the practice of tying the traditional piece of thread or amulet is still very much prevalent. This tradition isn't just for brothers by blood but also for those who are considered as brothers or show brotherly affection.

This Raksha bandhan, you can gift your sibling with anything you want to, but here are a few ideas that you can take into consideration as it will surely help you if you are not sure what to gift or even if you have no idea where to begin.

Photo Frame- This may be too clichéd, but it never loses its charm. You can always frame a beautiful picture of the two of you together or of a memorable time you guys spent with your family or maybe that favorite solo picture of your sibling that he/she loves, or you can also come up with a handmade collage of a lot of memories. You can either hand it over to him/her or hang it on the wall for the surprise effect.

Wind Chimes- You can gift your sibling with Wind chimes this Raksha bandhan. It makes a perfect gift as its musical sound will always remind your sibling of you, even when you are not physically present together. It also adds pleasantness to the house and its ambiance.

Personalized items- A definite yes to this as it will add a personal charm to the gift you plan to gift. You can get a coffee mug, a cushion cover or a printed designer bed sheets, a key hanger, a wall clock, or anything else you can think of. Boost the hobby- If your sibling has a hobby, then you can add to it by getting something to do with it. If your sibling likes to paint, then gift him/her with painting essentials, or if your sibling loves the movies, then gift her/him with a huge collage of all his/her favorite movie scenes.

A Gift Hamper- This will surely be a hit. You can a customized gift hamper with assorted pieces of souvenirs from all over, showpieces and chocolates, artificial flowers, and decorative lights. You can hand it over to your sibling and have the pleasure of watching them go on a treasure hunt within the hamper.

An Indoor Plant- A potted plant will not only add charm to the house but will also purifies the ambiance keeping your sibling calm and healthy. You can opt for plants that do not require much attention or care as they will be easy to handle and manage.

Music Accessories- The perfect gift for your music lover sibling is going to be an amazing music system or speakers or woofers, etc. which would certainly make your sibling fall in love with your choice of gift this Raksha Bandhan.

Crockery Set- Yet another clichéd gift item, but undoubtedly it's the best if it's well-chosen. It's a choice of gift that never gets old. You can always choose that perfect dinner set made out of fine bone china with exquisite style, design, and elegance so that each time your sibling has guests over, they can show it off while serving on it.

Drink ware- There are various types of wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, juice glasses, etc. available for you to choose from. Your sibling will always enjoy drinking as well as serving beverages in these glasses, as it will remind them of you each time they use it. You can even personalize them if you want to and gift it this Raksha bandhan.

Rugs and Carpets- Rugs and carpets add elegance, charm, and beauty to one's home, and you're gifting any of these items to your sibling this Raksha bandhan will resonate this exact feeling elegance, charm, and beauty.

Drapes and Cushions- This Raksha bandhan celebration, you can add color to your sibling surroundings by getting them beautiful and colorful drapes and matching cushions. You can also create a style of your own but mixing colors with different designs and patterns to add a unique style that will absolutely mesmerize your sibling.

Lamps and Chandeliers- Light can make a lot of difference to one’s surroundings. These can change the entire look and feel of a place, and gifting your sibling with a lamp will undoubtedly add to the beauty of their home. You can opt for Standing lamps, twinkly lights, small decorative shades of lamps, or even go for chandeliers; anything you choose will earn you praises from your sibling.

Paintings and Wall Hangings- You can also choose to give your sibling with an amazing painting or a wall hangingto add to their home’s beauty. However, if you can paint or sketch, then it should definitely be your choice of gift. You can laminate or fame your own painting or sketch and gift it to your sibling; it will surely overwhelm your sibling as this will undoubtedly be very personal.

Create a Wall Gallery with Pictures- Though this is going to be an extremely time consuming process, it will be worth every second you spend doing this once you get to see your sibling’s awestruck reaction. You can take pictures of your sibling, family, friends, holidays, and outings, get together, memories, etc. and make cutouts of them and cover an entire wall with it. The process will be a memorable journey for you and later for your sibling as it will take you down memory lane, making you bond better.

Mirrors- Weird, right? Did you know that mirrors make a room look bigger and better? It can add oomph to any room and add a uniqueness to it, so this Raksha bandhan, you can certainly decide to give your sibling a full wall mirror or maybe a designed mirror to add to the home's beauty and size.


These are just a few ideas amongst millions of ideas available. There is no stopping you, so you can go and get creative on your own as well! They are your sibling, and nobody else knows them better than you so do what you think is the best idea suited for your sibling, as you know they will surely love it. Any of these above ideas will definitely bring a smile to your sibling's face, shower you over with warmth, love, and affection.

Have a blessed Raksha bandhan!


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