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12 Home Decor Ideas - Brighten Up The Drab Monsoon

Posted on: August 12th, 2020 05:29 PM

Monsoon makes you want to forget about everything else and just snuggle up by the window with a steaming cup of coffee or tea and a great book while listening to the pitter-patter of the raindrops. The rainy season is the time for romanticizing and feeling loved.

However, it can also be gloomy, wet, muddy, and damp. The rooms' smell of dampness and the skies are brooding and dark, making everything seem dull and depressing. The never-ending pouring also binds you indoors for long hours, and thus it's indispensable to brighten up the interiors of your space which will lead to your mental happiness and wellbeing.

These are some home decor ideas that will invigorate your home this monsoon.

1. Dress up your window with lace or sheer- Discard the heavy curtains and dress the windows in lace or sheer curtains. It will immediately help uplift your surroundings, and you will feel the difference instantly. During the dark and gloomy days, these light lacy or sheer curtains will allow even the tiniest bit of natural light into your room which will illuminate your interiors. These translucent light-colored curtains will also help make a place airy while maintaining the privacy of the resident.

2. The Natural music maker- Wind chimes are natural music makers, these create music of its own when the wind blows, filling your surroundings with sweet soothing, mood-enhancing sounds that can transform your home into a musical world. Thus, you can hang wind chimes from your windows or any other place like the veranda or balcony or even open terrace and enthrall everyone around, including yourself.

3. Blooming Natural Beauties- This is the best time for you to fill your house with flower pots and decorative plants to add color. The colorful flowers with the combination of green can transform your house to look like a blooming garden which will automatically amplify the positive energy around you and be a mood booster. You can also choose to use flower vases or empty bottles of wine and whiskey and fill them up with various colorful alluring flowers with just a little bit of water.

4. Wonderful smelling candles- You can shoo away the damp, moldy smells and fill your home with beautiful, calming, scented candles. It keeps all the negativity away and brings in the positivity while adding a pinch of romance in the mix. Candles can be placed in different settings and locations like the table, steps, and various nooks and corners to spread an aura of its own light and smell around your house. These come in a varied choice of fragrance so you can opt for one scent or tease your senses with a bouquet of scents.

5. Odour free zone- Though scented candles are wonderful, it’s not something that can be used all through the day around your home and hence, a fantastic alternative is a combination of water and a few drops of eucalyptus extract or a mixture of water with vanilla, rosemary, and lemon extract. Keep any of these mixtures in an open bottle, jar, or a bowl, and you will smell the difference in the next few minutes.

6. Play with bright colors- Sprinkle your space with unusual items that not just add color but also helps brighten up the interiors. You can use not only small colorful showpieces but also colorful designer cushion covers, table cloth, sofa covers, appealing dancing peacock bed sheets , pillowcases, etc.

7. Umbrella stands- You cannot survive without an umbrella during the rainy season, and wet umbrella's dripping all over the place isn’t something that anybody likes. So why not make the most of the situation? You can place beautifully designed colorful umbrella stands or baskets that will not just save your floor from being wet from these dripping umbrellas but will also add beauty to your home’s interiors, making it a win-win situation.

8. Keep the mud trail out- Muddy wet footwear is unavoidable during the monsoon and to avoid the muddy trail you can place quirky foot mats or doormats at your entrance. These can be of any materials such as coir, rubber, jute but if it’s colorful, bright, and funky with some amazing quotes then definitely it will add uniqueness to your decor and also make your guests feel welcome, giving you immense happiness.

9. Vibrant colors of energy and joy- The colors of the walls does make an impact on your mind. During the dull and gloomy raining reason, warm, vibrant colors will surely bring a boost of energy while making you feel loved and also fill you with joy or happiness. The rainy season may not be the right time to paint the walls, but you can prepare for the rains in advance by painting the walls with beautiful vibrant colors to keep you going during these depressing days.

10. Clutter-free home- It’s very easy for places with a lot of clutter to absorb moisture, leading to dampness and building of fungus, molds, and even bacteria. To avoid these unwanted guests in your home, you can keep your space clutter-free. Keep your furniture away from the walls and regularly check for accumulation water or dampness in places. Also, it will be best if you can seal the furniture's edges with sealants or whichever protective coating is available.

11. Place waterproof furniture or a swing somewhere outdoor- If you are one of those that enjoy the rain then you can definitely make use of this and make a sitting arrangement with some plastic chairs or tables and add some umbrellas above it and Walla! You have got your own zone to enjoy the rain.

12. Swing to the rhythm of rain- The monsoon is the perfect time to add a swinging bench seat to your home. It makes the ideal place to snuggle up and hear the rain pour while enjoying a book with a hot cup of beverage or maybe a glass of wine, or just enjoy your much needed "me time".


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