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Things to consider when buying Fabric bedsheets

Are you looking forward to purchasing fabric bedsheets any time soon? Are you looking to shop for the best ones available in the market? Do you want to know how you can shop for the best ones? If yes, then here are certain things to consider when you are buying a fabric bedsheet.Before getting to know about the things that you need to consider, here’s what you need to know about Fabric bedsheets. When it comes to fabric bedsheets, you must understand that many types of heavy and light fabric are used to make bedsheets.

Features of Fabric bedsheets

Here are some of the features of fabric bedsheets:Most of the companies use luxurious Egyptian cotton that is super-soft and quite smooth to handle.The light yellow bedsheets also have upland cotton, shorter fibers, and are very much affordable.The yellow color bedsheet has Tencel and is made up of wood pulp that is extracted from eucalyptus.The yellow floral bedsheets are quite durable and have antimicrobial properties. The bedsheets are made up of rayon.The bedsheets are affordable.These are some standard features and characteristics of fabric bedsheets.

Fabric cotton bedsheets

Cotton is known to be amongst the prominent fabric that is utilized to make beautiful bedsheets. The best part of cotton fabric bedsheets is that it is durable, soft, and affordable. Also, it’s quite easy to handle and wash, unlike other substitutes. Also, the cushion cover and aprons that are made up of fabric cotton have similar features.Most of the manufacturers use Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Upland cotton, Supima, MicroCotton, and many more types of cotton.


Tencel is the name of the brand and it is made from the wood pulp extracted from the Eucalyptus tree. The bedsheets made from Tencel are quite soft to handle, easy-to-wash, and naturally antimicrobial. It is considered to be eco-friendly as the production of these bedsheets needs fewer resources in terms of water, energy, as well as chemicals.


Silk is a soft-fiber made from silkworms. Although it’s challenging to beat the real silk bedsheets; they are quite cool, sensuous, as well as silky to handle. The bedsheets made from silk help your bedroom turn into a refreshing atmosphere. It is hypoallergenic and is quite delicate to handle. If you are willing to change your bedroom decor to simple yet elegant, then you must opt for the silk bedsheets.


Polyester is a manmade fiber that is made from the polymers that are utilized to manufacture drinking bottles. These bedsheets are quite inexpensive and are often combined with cotton. There are various types of polyester used to make these bedsheets. This includes microfiber, nylon, and acrylic. Although all these materials are synthetic, it offers the best comfort when you sleep on it.These are some of the most typical bedsheets that are available in the market. You can also buy it online by visiting the official website of Jaipur Fabric that offers these bed sheets in a wide range of variety and at reasonable prices.

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