Tea Cozy

A tea cozy is spelled as “cosy” by the British people! To put it in plain words, a tea cozy cover is an insulating cover for the teapot! It’s made of fabric and comes in a wide variety of designs. It is either knitted or made with a thick insulating fabric. It is layered with puffy material. This helps to reduce air circulation, thus reduces oxidation and maintains freshness. They also have heat pads at the base to protect the table from the teapot heat.

Tea Cozy, Your Perfect Tea Time Partner

Tea is one of the most popularly consumed beverages in the world. If you are a tea lover and use a teapot, you surely understand the challenge of being able to keep the tea warm long enough so that you could enjoy the entire pot without it becoming cold. Not to forget the times when you have family/ friends over for tea, and your tea grows cold by the time you share good food and chat. And the perfect solution to this challenge is using a tea cozy! A stylish tea cozy not only keeps your tea warm for longer, but it also adds character to your table!

Styles of cozies

Teapot cozies come in two prominent styles:The kind that sits over a teapot and has to be lifted to pour tea into a cup.The kind where the teapot sits in and tea can be poured without having to remove it. Such a style is also referred to as muff/ snuggie/ wraparound.Actually, the variety of designs is virtually endless, be it hoity-toity or folksy, cloth or lace, knitted or crochet and so on! Whatever be the style, I guess the floral printed cozies without a doubt are the most liked ones. What's more? You could even find tea cozies in sets that match a host of other kitchen and household accessories like the table cloths, aprons, oven mittens, table napkins, etc!

Why Jaipur Fabrics for Tea Cozy

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