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Why choose tapestry wall hanging?

Did you ever feel that your house needs an essential styling renovation? If yes, then you must choose for the Jaipur tapestry wall hanging materials. Tapestry wall hangings are an exciting way to enhance the look of your walls. It can enhance the fun element and give an expressive look to your walls. It can cover up the multitudes of the damages that might be present on the walls and make it attractive to look at.When you are opting for the tapestry wall hanging materials, you must surf through the web to find the best ones. Many e-commerce platforms like Jaipur Fabric are now selling tapestry online in India, making it easier for you to avail of the best ones.

Why Jaipur Fabric for Tapestry Wall hangings?

Fabric wall hangings can come in many varieties. Some of these varieties are best produced in the pink city of India, Jaipur. The workers in this region have the right experience and expertise to create the best tapestry as they are well-versed with the embroidering concepts.The hippie tapestry hangings are carpets and pieces of beautifully embroidered fabric that are suspended on the walls. Sometimes, you can also frame a picture of yours or your family in the clothing material and hang it on your walls. As these tapestries are available in many forms, utilizing fabric in the form of wall art is more adaptable to any other interior designing style or decors. The people in Jaipur know this form of art very well and can execute their fantastic ideas into it swiftly.

The methods of hanging tapestry

Fabric is considered to be heavy, and when it is meant for hanging, it becomes crucial to reduce the weight of the material. Therefore, the craftsperson follows different methods to beautifully design it and ensure that the weight of the material is kept at minimum. Here are some of the best ways:

Heavy casings –Craftsperson tends to sew looped strips of fabrics at the back of the cloth and insert the rod that will help the material to hang on the wall through this loop. It becomes a piece of beautiful folk art and makes it ideal for you to hang it on your walls.

Velcro –When it comes to looping, attaching a piece of Velcro on your hanging material also increases its usability and beauty. When Velcro is added to the wooden strip, you can mount it on your wall with the help of the strip. This helps you in reducing the space that it usually takes to hang the material on the wall.

Framing –Framing is one of the preferable methods that every craftsperson follows. They tend to stretch the heavy fabric over the frame. If the frame is thin, then they tend to hang the fabric that is lighter in weight, and if it’s thick, then they hang the heavy ones. It gives a unique artistic look to your walls and makes it beautiful.

These are some conventional methods that the people in Jaipur follow to enhance their artwork. You can also buy these tapestry online by visiting the official websites that deal with these products.


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