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Find the Perfect Brown Bedsheets for your Home!

How often do you need to change your bedsheets?

The answer, of course, is as often as possible! There are few things in the world that compare to the feeling of fresh bedding and fresh sheets, not to mention the hygienic value of routine bedsheet changes. Of course, changing bedsheets every day is neither practical nor efficient, but people can also tend to avoid changing their sheets until they absolutely have to. Washing and resetting bedsheets is a tiring and time-consuming process that creates more laundry than it cleans, and it is understandable that people would avoid it for as long as they can. In such cases often, the bedsheets end up going unwashed for weeks, which may even turn into a month. The amount of dust, dirt, dead skin cells, etc. accumulated during this time would be terrifying if we could see it up close! After a few weeks, the build-up of dirt and dust becomes noticeable and leaves you with bad sleep and bad hygiene. Your white bedsheet will have turned into light brown bedsheets.

So, if you’re not supposed to change bedsheets every day and you’re not supposed to leave them unchanged for a long period of time, how frequently should you change them? The easy answer is every week, but the more accurate answer will depend on the person and their sleep habits. An average person probably only spends 6 to 10 hours in their bed when they have to sleep. What we don’t account for are the hours spent binge-watching Netflix in bed, or people who work from home on their laptops in bed. Similarly, people who sleep with their pets or those who are prone to excessive sweating or some kind of skin ailment will also have to change their sheets more regularly.

A big problem with washing your bedsheets regularly is that until we see that they’re dirty, we don’t wash them an easy and elegant alternative to this whole mess of waiting to wash your bedsheets until they are visibly dirty, is to opt for dark brown bedsheets or other types of brown bedsheets for your bedroom. Investing in a good brown bedsheet set will allow you to set a weekly routine of laundry regardless of how ‘apparently’ dirty the sheets are.

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