Which Bedsheet Size is Bigger

Which Bedsheet Size is Bigger?

Posted on: May 27th, 2022 12:20 PM
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  1.  Twin XL:

After tucking two corners of sheets underneath the mattress, you are struggling to get the rest two? If you can’t get the rest two corners even after using all your strength, then sadly you have brought the wrong sheet size. 

It is a common issue that everyone experiences more than once in their lives. Picking an ideal sheet size is still a challenge. Now, you can solve this issue simply by learning the size chart guide. 

You don’t have to measure the length and width of the sheets at stores to ensure the right size anymore. Let’s check out the size guide to identify “which bedsheet size is bigger?”

1. Twin:

This is the smallest size of a bed, which is suitable for a single sleeper. The twin bed sheet is one of the smallest bedding that matches the size of a twin bed. These bedsheets are available in the size of 168X244 cm. The size may vary according to the bedding material and brand size guide. 

However, these bed sheets are long enough to cover your mattress perfectly. So, you will never experience any issues. 

2. Twin XL:

The twin XL bedsheets are slightly longer as compared to twin bedding. These bed sheets are perfect for beds that are a little larger than a twin bed. These sheets are available in the size of 168X294cm. 

If you are using a bulky mattress on your twin bed, then you can also get these sheets and avoid the struggles. They will cover your mattress easily and make your job easy. 

3. Full:

Don’t get confused with the name. The full size bedsheets are not the biggest ones available in the market. These bedsheets are perfect for double beds. You will get the size of 244X259cm. 

It is ideal for the mattress size of 134.5X190.5cm. It will perfectly cover your double bed. You can buy them for your guest bedroom. Just measure the size of your double bed before buying a full size bed sheet for you as they are not the biggest ones. So, buy wisely.   

4. Queen:

This is one of the common bedsheet sizes. It is the highest purchased bed sheet size all over the world. It perfectly fits the double bed and is available in the size of 244 x 259 cm. 

If you have a queen-size bed in your bedroom with a mattress size of 152.5 x 203 cm, then you can buy the queen bedding without thinking twice. However, you have to keep in mind that you can see a variation in the size of queen bedding. 

The queen bed sheets are available in different size variations. So, always check the size figures to avoid struggles. 

5. King:

Yes, the king bed sheets are one of the biggest sheets available. They come in the size of 259 x 284 cm perfect for your bedroom. This bedsheet can cover the extra-large mattress perfectly and you can easily work with them. 

So, if you want to purchase the biggest bedsheet in any brand, then you can simply go with king size bedding. It will never disappoint you. 


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