Reliving the Beauty of Bagru Prints!

Posted on: July 19th, 2019 04:12 PM

Born in a small place in Rajasthan, Bagru print is a more than 350 year old practice. This print has its home in Bagru, a place around 30km away from the capital of the state. A way of livelihood for Chhipa community, this print requires lot of attention to details.
The word Chhipa is said to be derived from two Nepali words ‘Chhi’ meaning to dye and ‘pa’ meaning to leave something to bask in sun. Which sums up how this community came up with this name which symbolizes their work and way of livelihood.
Bagru print is said to be equivalent to modesty and simple sophistication. And this can be proved by the way they print these designs, using very basic and natural products in the making.
To have a Bagru print fabric, dabu printing is used, which uses clay, gum, ruined wheat, limestone and cow pies which are mixed together and printed on the fabric. After which fabrics are dyed and left out to dry under the sunlight. To dye, natural colors from Indigo, pomegranate, harda are used.
Environment and soil variety is one of the driving force to create such prints.
Bagru print bed sheets
are one of the most sold bagru print fabrics. Apart from this, bagru prints can be seen on sarees, dupattas, and even on bandanas. This print is getting back into the market by trying its hands on modern clothing pieces. And we must say, they are excelling in their job.


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