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A Discussion Regarding the Greatness of the City of Jaipur and the JaipurFabric

Posted on: September 21st, 2015 12:18 PM



Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Everything in Jaipuris quite majestic and royal in nature. The history as well as culture of thecity is quite unmatched. Present in the city are beautiful temples, forts andother such places of historical importance. The Jaipur fabric is anotherpride of the city. The fabrics using which bed sheets are made are obtainedfrom here and they are all crafted exquisitely.




The fabric found in Jaipur is actually created by the differentartisans who dwell in and around the outskirts of the city. The talent as wellas the body of works of these artisans is all very impressive. Hence the fabricfrom Jaipur is not only famous all over India but also is exported throughoutthe world. These fabrics are used for making the bed sheets as well as thecushions. Other than being used as a commodity for decorating the home, theseare also used as clothes.


Bed sheets


The Jaipur bed sheets are so famous all owing to the fabricthat has been used for making them. The designs as well as the unique style ofprinting help to identify the Jaipur fabrics very easily. The designs are sounique in nature, and creatively refined that it is not possible to replicatethem anywhere else in the world. It is the skill of the craftsmen that makethis fabric so famous.


The craftsmen and artisans are very careful while they are making the printed bed sheet. This is the reason why the careful detailing and intricatedesigning are maintained in all the sheets that emerges out of the hands of thecraftsmen.


Bandej fabric


The Bandej fabric made by the local artisans, have gained masspopularity all over the world. The making of this kind of printing is alsoquite unique in nature. The process involves the fabric to be tied up and thendyed. The colorful nature of the fabric as well as the funky designs, all makethese printed fabrics a favorite among the customers.

Bagru fabric


This consists of printing the fabric in such amanner, that it will definitely appeal to the people. In this type of printingthe block print bed sheet, shapes of particular things are put intoprinting. The prints on the sheets are done by either the metallic or woodenhand held printers. You can find out much more about these fabrics by lookinginto http://www.jaipurfabric.com/categories/bed-sheets


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