9 Reasons to Fall in Love with Jaipuri Cotton Bedsheets

Posted on: March 5th, 2022 12:33 PM

Figuring out the best material for bed sheets is one of the biggest bedtime mysteries. Falling for colors, designs, and patterns and never paying attention to the type of fabric is the reason why most people are disappointed with their collection of bedsheets.
You will not be surprised to know that the cotton material is the dark horse when it comes to bed sheets. The cotton bedsheet offers comfort, quality, and softness, which is incomparable to any other fabric.
The market is overloaded with a huge variety of bedsheets. In the Indian market, you will find a wide list of bed sheets that incorporate traditional artwork, modern prints, city design, and hand printing on different choices of fabrics.
You will find different types of materials including silk, polyester, bamboo, blend, and cotton. In the range of fabrics, cotton is one of the favorite materials for bedding as it is durable, breathable, soft, easy to care for, and pretty affordable. Plus, cotton material is the right fit for a bedroom in every season and keeps your bed cozy.
Besides, here we have mentioned the top 9 reasons to fall in love with Jaipuri cotton bedsheets below. So, you don’t repeat the mistake of picking a bedsheet without considering the material.

1. Breathable sheets that will keep your bed cool:

The breathability of the bedsheet is one of the important factors that are not emphasized enough. If you don’t want to end up tossing and turning in your bed by getting drenched in sweat, then you have to find out a breathable bed sheet.
Cotton is one of the highly breathable materials, which allow the air to pass through. It will regulate the temperature in the bed and allow you to have a comfortable and sweat-free sleep.  

2. Always easy on skin:

Are you dealing with skin allergies like acne? You will be surprised to know that your bedsheet highly affects your skin health and can cause different types of skin allergies. The movements of your body create friction between skin and sheet that can worsen your skin condition.
The cotton Double bedsheet is super soft and gentle. It is the right choice for the people, who stretch a lot in the bed. You will feel the unchangeable softness after multiple washes.

3. Decent durability and longevity:

Besides comfort and softness, the cotton material is known for its significant durability. The 100% cotton bedsheet offers better longevity and their fabric tends to break less as compared to other materials after a wash.
Unquestionably, synthetic materials like polyester offer higher strength and durability as compared to cotton material. However, you will not get any other benefit from a polyester bedsheet.
A good quality cotton bedsheet can easily survive 5-6 years without any major damages, which is a very long time.  

4. Low maintenance:

Do you feel that handling your bed sheets is a vicious cycle? Some fancy bedsheets come with a list of care instructions that you have to carefully follow the preserve the print, color, and elegance of the sheets for a longer time.
If you don’t want to invest hours in the maintenance of a bedsheet, then the Jaipuri cotton bedsheet is here to save you. Handling the cotton bedsheets is super easy. You can directly send them to the washing machine and use them regularly without worrying about losing prints, colors, and comfort.

5. Attractive designs and colors:

A bedsheet decides the style of a room. It simply lifts the interior, adds elegance, and represents your lifestyle. This is why you have to pick a bedsheet carefully. People often spend hours finding the right set of bedsheets for the room.
The Jaipuri bedsheets offer a huge range of choices that will make you fall in love. It introduces fine arts, handwork, and block prints to the buyers. You can simply find the prints that tell a story of ancient history. So, you will find something fresh with Jaipuri cotton bedsheets.

6. Amazingly stretchable:

Looking for a stretchable king-size bed sheet for your room? The stretchability of a bedsheet represents flexibility, durability, and comfort. Natural materials like cotton are more stretchable as compared to synthetic materials like polyester.
So, you can get the right fit for your king-size bed with cotton bedsheets. Plus, it will allow you to add a touch of softness to your room.

7. Good for planet:

Whatever we do it directly affects the health of our plant. The textile industry produces 13 million tons of textile waste each year that cause pollution on the earth. Some synthetic fabric generates toxic chemicals in the process of production and recycling as well.
So, if you want to do something good for your planet, then start with purchasing organic materials. Cotton is one of the natural fabrics that are safe for the earth. It requires less water in the process of production; generates zero harmful chemicals and is biodegradable.

8. Best for children:

The babies are sensitive to synthetic fabrics. The synthetic materials can give skin issues like redness, bumps, and itchiness to your child and cause discomfort. So, if you are setting up a bedroom for your darling child, then keep all the synthetic materials away.
Cotton is one of the safest materials that will take care of your child with extreme softness. The natural fibers will let your kid breathe and have a dreamy sleep every night.  

9. No need to follow hundreds of washing instructions:

Do you follow a washing manual while cleaning your bedsheet? The fancy and super expensive bedsheets come with never-ending washing instructions. Sometimes, it becomes so tricky that you have to leave it to the professionals to get your sheets washed.
Let’s change your washing game with cotton bed sheets. You can simply send them to your washing machine and set a regular cycle to clean. No need to keep a lot of rules in your mind.
Isn't Jaipuri cotton bedsheet everything you've always wanted? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the range and get a bedsheet that never disappoint you.


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